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The quality of ventilation ventilation directly affects the hatching effect. We all know that the incubation process is actually the process of chick embryos. In this process, there is life, there is a life in life that requires oxygen, and embryonic development also requires sufficient oxygen, but also discharges a large amount of carbon dioxide while absorbing oxygen. If ventilation is poor, there are excessive carbon dioxide, which is easy to cause an abnormality such as embryonic deformity and fetal position, which will cause embryonic death, reduce the incubation rate and chick quality. Veterinary drug network

Some people have been experimenting, 1 eggs hatch into chicks, embryos 40 to 4,500 cubic centimeters, discharge carbon dioxide is 3000 ~ 5000 cubic centimeter. It can be seen that during the hatching period, not only ventilation, but also pay attention to the number and quality of ventilation ventilation. The amount of ventilation is determined according to the embryonic development stage. In the early days of hatching, there is not much oxygen in the embryo. It can be satisfied with oxygen in yolk. The ventilation can be less, and the machine venting hole is opened less. Incubation for the first week, ventilation 2 times a day, 3 hours a time, basically guarantees the demand. In the middle of the incubation, the embryo gradually grows, the metabolism is strong, and the amount of carbon dioxide and the discharge of the carbon dioxide should be increased. From the second week, the inlet and outlet hole should be opened to ventilate. Pay attention to frequent ventilation in the hatching room.

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