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The author took more than 60 days to visit the entire Jilin City, investigating more than 800 farms, and more than 90% of the farms have emerged: the sudden death of the egg hooks, the intestinal repeats, the egg shell is poor, the laying egg decline, eliminate Time in advance, individual farming friends were eliminated after 400 days, and the sporadic death booster increased, and the eggshell quality difference caused the elimination time.
For the current situation, Longchang, Shandong Province, joined Jilin Wanda’s lecture on “egg poultry hepatochastic disease topics”, 60 days and 15 conferences all over Jilin Province, served more than 10 million densolis.

In the visits, it was found that the emergence of farms:

Clinical symptoms: the color of the chicken chicken is white, the phenomenon of spit in the chicken group, and the chicken group The feces are rare, black, the color is too color, and the dark spots on the eggs, the egg shell mass is poor. The death of the chicken is a large part of the individual fertilizer, the weight of the chicken, the chicken is white, the edge is purple or necrotic spots.
Trough symptoms: liver swollen, rupture, bleeding, more subcutaneous fat deposition, thick abdominal, black, mesenteric congestion, muscle stomach different degree ulcer; individual chicken with lung edema phenomenon.

There are several main reasons for the above reasons:

1. Due to the winter in the Jilin area, the temperature is low, the energy demand is high, all grease The amount of addition is too high, the protein has no corresponding adjustment, causing “protein energy ratio” imbalance.
2. Diagnostic grease, this part of the oil, most oxidation is more serious, individual serious can smell a “spicy flavor”, aldehyde substance in oxide fat on the liver, increase the liver burden .
3. Application of alternative energy raw materials, there are too many of these toxins in such raw materials, and the quality value is different.

Milder toxin problem
1. It is cheap for a moment. It is not strict with the use of Chenhua corn or corn, causing the mold toxin in the maize.
2. In order to reduce feed costs, use some unconventional raw materials, resulting in excessive content of feed toxins, damage to the liver.
3. Wet wet, universal, feed raw materials, mixed, mixed water equipment, drinking water equipment long-term unclear,A large amount of breeding in mold.
4. The tank is not in time to clean the trough, resulting in deposition of feed in the tank.

1. During the visit, a medication fee of a course of treatment is generally around 0.5 yuan / Ji chicken, and the individual reaches 1 yuan / only chicken, and for the sickness, more Drug antibiotics are used simultaneously, increase the burden of liver, causing damage to the liver, and a general reason that causes the increase in sporadic death.
2. Individual veterinarians in the treatment, too much attention to the treatment of appearance, no analysis to find concrete reasons, solved from rootability, which is why the drug is high.
3. The problem of anti-sputum in health care is severe, excessively dependent on antibiotics to prevent disease, causing drug resistance, resulting in later medication, the effect is not obvious, forming a vicious circle.
ignores liver health
Many bacteria toxins (such as Salmonella, sleeve gland, E. coli, etc.), will cause damage to hepatocytes, increase liver burden, lead to liver failure, causing death.
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