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Reduce the heat of solar radiation and enhance the convective heat. The construction of the chicken house requires a long axis, sitting in the north, the building materials are small in thermal, and the reflection skills are strong; use white paint or lime water to apply the roof and outer walls, add foam, splint, etc. below the roof heat insulation. The wall of the chicken house is higher than 3 meters, and the span is required to be less than 9 meters; the vents are set to be uniform to facilitate ventilation and chickens to convective heat; reasonable use of longitudinal ventilation.

Add a Chinese herbal preparation. In the thermal stress, 0.7% of the Chinese herb antipyretic excitation additives containing 11 flavors such as dandelion, wild chrysanthemum, watermelon skin, and Astragalus, and increased the egg rate and feed conversion rate. . Compound gypsum made from musk, fragrant, raw gypsum, Pelland, hawthorn, car home, etc., can significantly improve thermal stress, egg chicken production performance and blood biochemical indicators.

Add amino acid. According to reports, add gamma-aminobutyric acid in summer high temperature diet can significantly improve the antioxidant properties and immune properties of the egg chicken, promote the secretion of gonad hormones, thyroid hormones, and maintain endocrine stability, thereby alleviating the harm of high temperature on the egg chicken. Add the amount of 50 mg / kg. In addition, glutamine is an important regulatory factor required for animals under stress conditions. Veterinary drugs join 1866.TV

Add vitamins, trace elements. Add vitamin preparation, such as Vc (add amount of 150 mg / kg) to suppress the increase in body temperature, enhance the body’s anti-stress; VE can alleviate immunosuppression caused by high temperature adrenal hormone, improve the anti-egg hen Sickness. Yeast chromium can improve the utilization of glucose, improve immune function, and inhibit the excess secretion of corticosteroids, relieve the atrophy of thymus and French cyst. Adding an organic selenium protects the cell membrane from oxidative damage.

Add electrolyte. Add sodium hydrogencarbonate, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, and the like in diet or drinking water. Sodium hydrogencarbonate has a dissolved mucus, stomach, and acidic acid, etc., and the sodium required to supplement the chicken body is supplemented as the main buffer substance in blood and tissue, and the respiratory alkali poisoning is reduced, and the ability to increase thermal stress. Potassium chloride has the effect of maintaining intracellular osmotic pressure and body acid base balance.

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