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According to the Voice of China, “Sannong China” reported that in the first half of this year, the national egg price fluctuations were obvious. In many provinces including Hebei, Anhui and Henan, the price of eggs fell, once fell below 2 yuan / kg, and creating a new low in ten years. It has been encountered “Waterloo” by most people, and many farmers have fallen in a loss. In June, the egg market has changed. The price of eggs gradually rebounded, all the way into the “4 yuan era”, but starting from late June, the national egg price fell quickly. Why is the price of eggs rise in the near future? When will the egg price will rise again? In early July, the reporter came to Xi’an South Suburban, Suzaku Farmer wholesale market, in the egg sales area, dealer said that the price of eggs is basically 3.7 yuan per catty. Egg Dealer: Egg Dealer: It has risen more than 1 piece, there is too much in the previous farmers, and many of them sell the chicken, leading to the current chicken. The eggs were more than 2 pieces of eggs a few pounds, and the farmers may not be 2 dollars, which can’t sell it, this time is better than the previous time. The price is too strong, and the price has risen more than double. It is 5 points when I started to rise, and 1 Mao is rising every pound. When I last two or three days, I have risen two hairs, rising three hair, and three or four days have risen a lot of money. June farmers finally started to turn to the profit, but the good view is not long, after the short high rebound, the egg price will quickly return to the low position. As of July 11, the average price of the primary production area has fallen from the highest point of 3.4 yuan / kg in the past month to 2.2 yuan / kg, the main market is fell from 3.7 yuan / kg to 2.8 yuan / kg, the overall decline About 30%, the egg hook aquaculture is again returned to the loss section. Zhuochui Information Market Analyst Liu Xu brought a group of data: Liu Xu: Start early in early June, the national egg price increased significantly, the average price of eggs from 1.94 yuan / kg rose to 3.37 yuan / kg, up to 73.71% . In early July, the egg price fell quickly to 2.22 yuan / kg, fell 34.12%. In the middle of July, the birth price of eggs in the country in early July was basically maintained at 2.40-2.60 yuan / kg, and the market entered a short adjustment period. It is understood that in the first half of this year, the national egg price once fell below the minimum of nearly ten years, which was largely affected by the “bird flu” epidemic, and the rapid rebound in the price of eggs in late June is the impact of market recovery itself: Liu Xu: Eggs in June, JulyThe root cause of price rebound is the decrease in the supply of eggs. The five months of the first five months of the egg hooks have long been in the loss stage. On the other hand, it is due to long-term losses, leading to the psychology of the industry, the psychology of the industry, the market has a phenomenon of farmers, and the phenomenon of dealers, increase the price increase of eggs. An analyst of an acre market, Du Fu believes: Since this year, the price of eggs has a low auction, in addition to the market factors, there are also factors for speculation. The density feed of the Shandong Province is well, and the US Group was established on May 16, 2004, dedicated to the professional, normative and high-tech, through high-tech products and systems as the basis for creating value for users. Develop a new functional egg chicken premix product and a US farming mode, obtain a number of national invention patents, and is appreciated by customers. Pay attention to WeChat public account: livestock and poultry farming, understand more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: 15853106958Q: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958 Du: 15853106958 Rhododendron: In the late June, the egg price rose, due to the low egg price, the farmer’s loss is serious, so once there is a sign of rising, you will use a variety of opportunities to raise an egg. Price, resulting in egg prices have risen in just ten days, and the increase of 60%, and the vicious circle of the late egg price into a rising plummeted plummet is buried. Although egg prices have risen once in late June, the favorable conditions and timing of egg prices have not fully formed, so it will cause the price of eggs in July again to fall. Rhododendron: The main reason is: First, the national college has begun to holiday, the demand for eggs is also reduced; second, high temperature weather is the off-season of egg consumption, market demand is relatively weak; third, Mid-Autumn Festival a month Around the time, each manufacturer will step up the stock, at this time, the peak period of egg consumption, and now it is still too late. However, in the long run, the egg market is improved, and the enthusiasm of buyers is also increased, and the egg price is expected to be recovered. It is expected that by eight or emounted, the demand for eggs will reach the highest point in the year, and the price will have a certain increase in space. Zhuochui Information Market Analyst Liu Xu recommended a broadening to be alert to investment and hype, so as not to have skyrocket and plummeted egg prices. Liu Xu: The temperature in the third quarter is high, and the egg yield of the egg hook is generallyFalling 10% -15%, the supply of eggs will be further reduced, and the supply will benefit the price of eggs. Demand, because eggs are important raw materials for moon cakes, 1-2 months before the Mid-Autumn Festival, food companies will actively purchase eggs, which can also pull eggs. Therefore, it is expected that the price of eggs in the third quarter will show a steady rise. The above information comes from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact Xiaobian Delete

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