Eight brothers eating bone precautions

u=1482414844,2520500233&fm=26&gp=0.jpg We know that dogs love to eat bones, and in fact is not all of all bones. For example, the eight brother, science gives it to eat bones, there is exercise tooth, clean the plaque, exercise muscle. Conversely, the eight brothers may also be killed because of eating bones. So, I must pay attention when giving the eight brothers and dogs, don’t take it casually.


  • To choose the bone that it can eat for the eight brother. For example, bovine bones, big pig bones and hub, of course, it is best to stick some flesh. Second,
  • Do not give the eight brothers to eat bones. Be sure to cook it with water, or roast the oven, then eat it in the eight brothers. Note that don’t put other seasonings when making these bones, because the eight brothers can’t eat.

  • Third, gives the eight brother to eat bones and should be appropriate, don’t feed the bones as a dinner. When you are free time, give it a bone, let it bite this very nice. It can be used to rub the dog tooth surface, clean the oral bite ability of the dog’s mouth, and also make the eight brothers to send some boring time.
  • Fourth, must be noted that those chickens, ducks, and fish, bones, must not give Bago (details introduction). This kind of bone is hard, it is easy to generate sharp sections after the eight brother bite, so it is easy to stab the oral cavity of the dog, scratch it, seriously, in the absence of indigestion, gastrointestinal bleeding, and will endanger eight brothers Dog life is safe.
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