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If infectious diseases, especially infectious diseases, especially strong infectious diseases, often cause serious losses, some of them have not been covered, in this case, many people who have no experience will often have a hand, and finally it is difficult to harm Down to the lowest, Xiaobian gave you some emergency treatment methods of some rabbit fields, and the emergency measures are as follows:
First, isolation of the hare. Quickly isolate the disease with the suspicious rabbit, for feed, drinking water appliances, managed by special person, and other personnel are not allowed, and disinfection tanks at the inlet and exit of the isolation will prevent the spread of the epidemic.
Second, timely diagnosis. Organize the technical personnel on-site consultation immediately, and the accurate epidemic report is given, and the emergency remedies for prevention and treatment are proposed.
Third, disinfecting sterilization. At this time, the epidemic area has taken an emergency epidemic in the epidemic area and threatening rabbit group, where it is contaminated with rabbit cage, feed, cuisine, water, water, and utensil, clothes, feces, environment and all rabbit houses. Use 1-3% of the alkali solution, 3-5% to Suer and 10-20% lime milk and peroxyacetic acid, all poison, etc.
Four, emergency vaccination. Isolation of the disease should also respond to emergency vaccination, some infectious diseases can be prevented by drugs, such as rabbit bacillus disease, articon, streptomycin, sulfonamine drug, etc. At the same time, the feeding management must be strengthened and the resistance of the rabbit group must be improved.
V. Treatment of Diseases. Work should be carried out at the same time, and it is not going to slow down, and it is not slow, because timely treatment of disease rabbits can eliminate infectious sources, purify the environment, reduce the loss of rabbits.
Six, safety treatment of the rabbit and dead rabbit. Any value of rabbits should be carefully treated. Other disease rabbits are eliminated, properly dealing with deep buried or burning, not edible and trade rabbit.

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