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Since the fall, as the weather is turning cold and the temperature difference between day and night, some of the egg production rates of some chickens have declined slightly. The main three major aspects were analyzed:

1, the temperature mutation. Since the fall of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is increased. In the near future, continuous rainy weather has caused great stress to give the egg chicken, which is the main reason for the decline in the recent egg yield. According to the past experience, this time is also a high degree of disease. Therefore, in addition to the timely replenishment of vaccines, it is mainly to do stress prevention and ventilation.

2, the chicken body is in the recovery period. After hot summer, the egg chicken consumes serious, and the weight is fell sharply. Therefore, after the weather is cold, the chicken body will start slowly. Therefore, some feed is used to restore weight, which is why the egg yaw rate cannot be restored in time. With the recovery of weight, if there is no significant disease, the egg rate will gradually recover.

3, the problem of new corn. The newly harvested corn moisture is usually high, generally above 15-20%. High moisture, one aspect reduces the content of nutrients; on the other hand, it is not resistant to storage, easy mold, and the resulting mold toxin will harm the egg hooks. Therefore, improper use of new corn will have a certain impact on the production performance of the egg chicken. The use of premixed materials and concentrated farmers should pay attention to the following points when using new corn ingredients:

(1) New corn is a follow-up, and it is necessary to have a certain time after harvest. It is usually used to use the egg chicken, which is generally at least 1 month. If corn is nervous, you can use half of the quality of the corn with half of the new corn.

(2) According to the moisture content, appropriately adjust the ingredient ratio, the moisture increases by 1%, the corn increases by 1.5%, and the material is preferably used within 2-3 days, do not store for too long, and Storage is best not to stack, it is best to put it flat. If moisture is higher than 17%, it is resolutely unused.

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