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The light is an important environmental factor, but with the scale, this factor is gradually forgotten.

Ultraviolet rays in the light, can convert 7-dehydrogenous cholesterol of the skin into vitamin D3, while vitamin D3 can promote absorption and utilization of calcium phosphorus; if there is no ultraviolet ray, it must be added in the feed.

UV is also bactericidal function, if it is regularly open UV lamp in the pig house, it is good for the health of the pig. Light of the light to the sow is very large; according to the introduction, the rear preparation of the sow is 16 hours of light, which can make the primary relationship, increase the rate of fashion, and the number of production is increased.
On the pig, the forgotten illumination is mainly the following aspects:
First of all, the lighting scheme at the time of the cultivation of the rear sow, this is almost no pig farm is being carried out; and in the cultivation of the egg hook, the light is illuminated. Very important link; the cultivation of high-yield eggs, the strict implementation of the lighting scheme, here we can refer to; for example, before the opening of production, the illumination time of the chicken is very short, even less than 8 hours; At the beginning, it will not be shortened after the egg. If we are in the training stage of the resell of mother pigs, first limit the illumination time and go to the breeding, it will have a good effect.
Second, the intensity of light, according to test, 10LX light and 45-60LX light, the reproduction of the sow is very different; and now many pig houses are closed, the window area is small, even during the day, light intensity It is also very weak; when it is at night, with a very little light, it is completely insufficient to stimulate the estrus of the sow; I have calculated that if you reach 45LX light, the incandescent lamp hangs in two meters high, each square meter needs 10 watts, then 10 watts per square meter In the case where the bulb is not blocked; if the light bulb is covered with dust, that strength is greatly reduced.
There is also a type of light; According to data, it is not all illuminated to the role of pigs. The stimulation of cold light and hot light is different; the data shows that the same illuminance, the stimulation effect of hot light BrightOptimized to cold light; so, it is recommended that you only consider using electricity costs to make light energy-saving lamps for incandescent lamps.
Of course, to verify that the above is correct, it is best to do a test personally.
Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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