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In the six factors of pig pigs, the environment is one of them, indicating that environmental factors are very important to pig pigs; but this factor, there are still many pigs who have not attracted attention. Talk to the environment will be more important today.

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Before talking about the importance of the pig, I will talk about the environment ‘s impact of the environment in history; if I take the three countries, I have many examples of the war victory due to the environment. Zhuge Liangcai boat rejection, using the fog; Shang Ma Musi, who he all believes it will die, but a heavy rain saved the life of their father and son, this has a future Jin Dynasty; Zhou Gong’s moon defeat Cao Cao is using fire Hohoe; Guan Yun Changshui seven army uses water; the pet’s funeral is chain, the density is used. Some of the people here use a good environmental factor, and the other person fails because of neglecting environmental factors.


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Let’s talk about the environment and pigs again.

There have been many years, some places of pigs, in the summer breeding, far less than other seasons, because high temperatures affect the sperm vitality of boars; this effect, It caused the growth of the pig farm to reduce 5%, which is equivalent to a piglet with a pig in a year.

Winter diarrhea, foot-and-mouth disease, respiratory pathogenesis is direct relationship with environmental factors; influenza virus, foot-and-mouth disease virus, all like cold and fear, so there are many winter days; respiratory disease is in winter It is becauseDue to incubation, the air quality of pig houses decreased, which acts on the pigs simultaneously with harmful gases, resulting in a decrease in respiratory resistance.

In addition, the wet environment of piglets is more likely to have diarrhea because humidity affects the sensitivity of the pig’s temperature.

In the lack of illumination, the mother sow is affected, and the number of non-estrus sows will greatly increase.
Environmental factors have too much impact on pigs, and here is no longer introduced.

Yang pig-developed country is high, the environmental control is in place is an important reason; there are also many pig farms to pay attention to environmental factors, and the production level has also been significantly improved; because they understand, causing pig injuries Big diseases, often have a big relationship with the environment, such as diarrhea, respiratory disease, etc.
Therefore, raising a pig, you must pay attention to environmental factors.

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