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The harmful gases in the pig house mainly have ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, methane, dust, etc., how is these harmful gases? Understanding the hazardous gases can effectively eliminate harmful gases. The pathway of ammonia is mainly insurgery, and the amount of urine is larger; urine contains uric acid, urea, these two components are unstable, and under the action of acid, alkali or enzyme, it is easy to transform For ammonia, discharged into the air in the form of a gas; unpantaged proteins, peptides, amino acids in the feces, and these ingredients will continue to decompose under the action of microorganisms or enzymes, and a large amount of ammonia is produced.
hydrogen sulfide is produced in feces.
Methane is produced in the old feces, and the amount of fresh feces is not much; but during storage, some carbon hydrates are still decomposed under the action of microorganisms, and a certain amount of methane is produced.
Carbon dioxide is mainly exhaled, as long as pig is live, it will continue to have a carbon dioxide; a certain amount of carbon dioxide is also produced in the winter, and a large amount of carbon dioxide will also produce a large amount of carbon dioxide.
Carbon monoxide is mainly produced in the case of a fire, is a product of coal burning; relative to family heating, pig house produces carbon monoxide opportunities more; because the pig house is large, many pig farms have investment and The workload will reduce the volume of the furnace and increase the volume of the furnace; but when the volume is increased, it is ignored to increase the air outlet area; this will increase the oxygen supply, resulting in a large amount of carbon monoxide due to the coal combustion; In addition, when the pig farm increases the accumulation volume, there is no corresponding tootta, causing insufficient smoke to smoke, including carbon monoxide to the pig house; some pig farms use honeycomb coal furnace without loading the hood, emissions Greater.
The dust is mainly dusty and feeding in a dry environment.
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