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The way to talk about harmful gases, and keep the air quality of pig houses will think.

The first measure is to reduce emissions; this measures are different from different types of feces; if using dry manure, shortening the storage time in the house is the most effective way, if you can be like a human toilet As with the row, the amount of harmful gas generated is very small; and for the bubble mode, the amount of harmful gas is related to the capacity and storage time of water; if the water capacity is large, the harmful gas generated Slow, you can put more time; if the water capacity is small, you can replace some water diligence; if it is a cutting manure, if you can fill the feces in the concentrated duct, you can maintain a long time for a long time. quality. The second measures are effective ventilation; this also has two cases of natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation; natural ventilation should pay attention to the cooperation of ventilation and clearing time, I have suggested that the pig farm is not in winter morning. Too early, wait until the temperature outside the house, first open the window to ventilate, then carry out clear; because if the morning is clear, the harmful gas in the manure is concentrated, and the pigs that enjoy the dirty air overnight will say, then It is harmful to the health of pigs at a time; if it is first ventilated, the harmful gas dissipated by the feces is quickly discharged, and the damage to the pig is small. And if it is mechanical ventilation, you can arrange the veneer position and the size of the ventilation in the human intention; but pay attention to a detail, the harmful gas is generated at a low-level position, and if the vent is low, the exhaust of harmful gases It is more thoroughly; if the exhaust port is at a high place, the pig has a pig, and some will be partially in the body during the discharge process.
There are also two items to note, one is that there must be ventilated air, otherwise it will cause the pig house negative pressure, causing a changeable hypoxia; another problem is the direction of the exhaust port and the air, If it is in the same direction, it is easy to form a short circuit. There is a ventilated angle in the pig house, and the pigs located in the dead angle will have a high oxygen shortage and a high concentration of harmful gas.
The third measures are oxygen, purchase liquid oxygen continuously into the pig house, which is also a way to consider when the pig house air cannot be improved and the pig’s respiratory disease is also a way.
The fourth measures are adsorbed. Use adsorbed materials to absorb the pig houses, and also reduce the concentration of harmful gases; such as raw lime absorption moisture, the lime after absorbing water can also absorb carbon dioxide; but use peroxoic acid to disinfection, Acetic acid can bind to an ammonia ammonium acetate in the air to reduce the concentration of ammonia gas.
Keep the air quality, but also consider the humidity of the pig house; if the moisture is small, the dust in the air is too large, and the pig’s respiratory tract will harm the pig; if you encounter too much dust, you must consider air humidification and consideration. Reduce the problem of dust emissions.
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