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In all environmental factors, humidity is an environmental factor that is easy to be forgotten; then is the real humidity impact on the pig?
In the process of raising pigs, encountered a loss caused by humidity inadvertently, sometimes the loss is still very large.
The first time is in the winter of the northeast, because the temperature is low, the pig house is closed; the moisture in the pig house can not go out, but the water steam is in the roof, then fell to the bed; The pig is born with a large area of ​​this, and many pigs have been died.
The second is in Shandong summer, because the breeding plan is not properly, causing too much pig pig pig, and the location is not enough, she has to shorten the time after the rinsing, and it is produced in the case where there is no dry.; Because the drain plate at the time was cement, there was no dry wooden cushion after postpartum, and the pigs were diarrhea after birth, and the mortality rate was very high; and later, this problem was relieved by baked wood pair.
The third time is in the summer of Henan, the temperature is high and the humidity is large, and the sows in the sows have a serious phenomenon. They also have to die, and the temperature is not the highest, and it has also appeared far away. When it is higher than this temperature, but then because of dryness, the sow is not hot; the reason why the sow is thermally dead is because the high temperature and high humidity appeared at the same time.
The fourth is in Shaanxi, this time is not too humidity but too small; fattening pigs are heated to heat; because the temperature is high, the pig houses have been small, and the pigs are generally fired, and the amount of feeding is reduced; There is no serious condition, but because the food is low, pig growth is slow, there is no assembly at the column; because the pig price is declining, but the late bar is not only low, the loss is greater, the pig price is low. The price caused by the price.
Through several examples, the effects of humidity on pigs are still very large.
Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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