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If the closure is strict, the heat of the pig house is distributed through the wall and the ceiling; relatively, the wall is generally better than the cement, especially some pig farms, the use of asbestos tiles, very poor insulation performance .
In the pig house, it can prevent heat from the roof. This is because it built a ceiling, it will build a quiet air between the pig house and the roof, and still air is very thermally conductive. Poor, second only to vacuum; and we all know that warm water bottles are good because the middle is vacuum. In addition, people who are sitting in the train will also see that the double glazings will not frost, but it is easy to condense the water beads on the adjacent window frames, because the glass is still air, while the window frame is an entity The reason is.
The top shed is required to spend a lot of money; but pig pigs are not high consumer industries. As long as they play, they can be used, and the ceiling of the pig is simple.
Remember when I was young, my family was built. It was used to use the rod, and then used the paper bag and the pole was easy to paste; with a layer of newspaper first and the shelf made by the rod, and then used white paper A layer of confused, it became a smooth and beautiful roof; such a ceiling can be used for many years.
If it is built on the pig house, it will not be so complicated, because the current material is richer, the method will be more.
Many pig farms use plastic color strips to do ceiling, the effect is good; the method is to first staples on the wall (the brick wall needs cement nails, if necessary, use expansion screws), then tap wire, form a shelf, form a shelf, Put the color strip on top, then stick the gap with the tape; the wall can be pressed against the wall, nail it on the wall; such a simple ceiling is done.
Don’t look at this small ceiling, you can increase the temperature of the pig house to a few degrees, which is both beneficial to the health of pigs, and save a lot of heating costs.
Some pig farms use the foam board to do the ceiling, the effect is also good; but pay attention to the two panels need to be sticky together, so that the air on the ceiling becomes static air.
If the pig house of which pig farm has no ceiling, then you can try it first, you will find a lot of benefits.
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