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Talking in front of the importance of heating to pigs, but there is not enough to heating, and the insulation performance is equally important; such as open innocent stoves, although the stove will produce a lot of heat, Lost, but only the surrounding temperatures of the furnace, the temperature of the other places will still be very low; the pig house is also the same, and the heat generated is more, but it is going to the outside, and there is no effect.

Today, how to create a suitable small environmental climate to create a suitable small environment, and turn a small space of the insulation performance, which is the partner we have to talk.
The easiest partition is a piglet incubator, which has created a small space in the category, and this small space is separated from the large space, so that no matter how low the temperature, the incubator is Will keep high temperatures.
The same truth can be applied to all aspects of pig pigs, including conservation, fattening, pork, etc.
The benefits of the partition have the following points; first one is an insulation, keep the small environment, and can save the cost of warming; secondly, it is convenient to clean and disinfection, clean and disinfection in the small space does not affect other space. This makes it easy to fully enter; because the unit is small, it is more convenient for performance appraisal. In the past, several feeding personnel are needed in front of a large room; if it is separated into a small room, everyone will do their own work, no Affected by others; the small unit is also easy to prevent disease.
The most commonly used partition is to use brick walls, which is strong and lasting, and the sound insulation light is used.
However, the brick wall is expense, especially in the built pig house, is still very difficult; then we need to find several fast and convenient ways.
The first plastic cloth, a layer of plastic cloth can separate air, is a very good partition material when the disease is burst; but the plastic cloth is opaque, and the thermal performance is also poor, which can only be used for emergency.
The second is a double-layer plastic fabric, made of a window frame by a wood or other material, and a plastic clothOk, such partitions are very good due to air in two layers, and the heat preservation performance is very good, and there is a window frame support, disinfection, etc. can be affected; but the disadvantage is not easy to fire.
The third is a PVC board. If it is closed by tape at the interface, it is also very strict, and the thermal insulation performance is also good; but it may cost higher.
The fourth is that the color steel watt, if the material is contained in the fire, this is the safest, and it is fast and can be disassembled.
We have also used the use of cardikrane rods, good thermal insulation performance, strong, most mainly cost low, no need to spend money in the ganflower flower area; but there is a vulnerability in fire prevention.
We have also used plastic cloth bag, the insulation performance is also very good; some pig farms replace the plastic cloth in the field, and greatly saves costs, and more strong than plastic cloth.
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