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In all the heat dissipation methods of all pigs, the most heat dissipation is in contact with pigs; this for big pigs, because the amount of heat is thick, heat dissipation does not affect the normal life and production activities of pigs; Piglets with very little subcutaneous fat, it will not only affect normal growth, it is easy to cause various diseases, but diarrhea is one of the most serious types; so, give piglets to set a tight pad, pair Piglet growth and disease prevention and control are very advantageous.
The electrothermal plate is undoubtedly the most ideal piglet pad, no heat is used in normal temperature, and the temperature is inadequate, so that the piglets can always be in a relatively comfortable temperature range; but the biggest problem of the electric hot plate is easy to act, and the wires It is easy to shoot by the pig. Once the pig is broken, the electric heating plate becomes a plain board, which is greatly reduced, and the price of a electric heating plate is very high.
Wooden board is the most commonly used pad, not only in the industrial incubator, but also uses on the casual pig after weaning; relative to the electric hot plate, the cost of the wooden board is much lower, but it also requires a certain cost; There is also a drawback in the wood board. It is difficult to disinfect; although the pads used by the house can be soaked in the case of disinfection in the case, the footprint of the careless house is very large, find a pool that can be bubble.
In production, we have also used a lower price or easy to use, which is often made of material production, which can be made, and the role of pad: Introduce.
The first is to use the pearl rock with the feed bag. It is used in a few days in the small pig. The effect is good; but the pig is slightly larger, it is easy to make the pearl rock arches uneven, some places exposed, Can’t get up to heat insulation.
The second is that the feed bag is strawd, and the line is sewn a few needles. It is good for a few days after the birth; because there is no cost of straw, it is burned directly, except for disinfection.
The third is that the feed bag is small grass blind, and it will not be deformed for a long time. It can be used at a time, the cost is low and breathable. It is good for the diarrhea of ​​the piglet; because the cost is low, it can be used once.
The fourth is that the feed bag is a cardboard, the temperature is good, the price is cheap; if it is in the water, there is very little water in the incubator, or a group of pigs can also be used once. In addition, engineering waste, such as PVC boards are also good materials for padding;I don’t have time, and several feed bags are stacked together, they are equivalent to a pad.
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