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The sound is also a kind of environmental factor. The impact on the pig is not as large as other environmental factors, but if not, there may be a big problem.

We have heard that the dramatic noise causing the egg chicken, and some chickens kill themselves in the cage; also encountered the fox who bite his little fox when he heard the unusual noise; said to the pig Noise will also adversely reactions.

First, noise affects the rest of the pig. It is not good to rest. It will increase the irritability, and there will be a variety of bad stress reactions, at least increase energy consumption and reduce feed utilization.

When the sow is in the production, if noise is encountered, it is likely to have a refusal and bitter phenomenon; if there is a refusal or bitter phenomenon, there is no suitable measures to deal with it, and the pig may be finished. Of course, reasonable use of sound, will also bring convenience to pig production and management.
There have been people experimenting, relaxing music in pig houses, helping pig production performance.
Pig’s hearing is very sensitive, when driving pigs, through the sound to the pig, the pig will travel in the intention of people; for example, use a long wooden stick, gently hit on the ground, pig will be Walking in the opposite direction; wants to turn the pig to the left, knock on the right side of the pig; if you want the pig to turn right, you will knock on the left side of the pig; let the pig go forward, it is knocking behind the pig. If it is a large group of pigs, people shouted loudly, and the speed of the front of the pig will speed.
For boars and sows, they can also use sound to promote the estrus and sexual desire of pigs; for example, when training boars, give pigs to the sow estrus, for empty sows, put boar’s Cell, you can promote the estrus of the sow; and play the bolet when you enter the essence, it is helpful to improve the recovery rate.
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