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The pig production is required, and the humidity is required, generally requested to be 40-70%; however, the situation is more variable, sometimes the wetness is small, sometimes wetness is too much; this requires human method, Control the humidity in the range of survival and production of pigs.
Today, I will talk about how to improve the humidity of the pig house.
First, why do you want to wet the air? For pig pigs, if the air is dry, then the air dust is increased, the mucus secretion of the respiratory mucosa quickly dried, and the function of losing the adsorption foreign matter can directly enter the lungs, the opportunity of respiratory pathogenesis increases.
Let the air moisturize, the simplest method is to use a humidifier, but the pig house is too large, and the ordinary humidifier is difficult to meet the needs; increasing the number of humidifiers will greatly increase cost.
The difference in moisture and humidity is mentioned in front; if it is simply humidified in the air without changing the water content of the wall and the ground, the water in the air will be rapidly absorbed by the wall and the ground, and the humidity of the air is also difficult. Keep; so, the air humidity increases, and the wall and ground moisture must be increased.
Winter useful, floor heating and fire furnace heating pig house is the most viable air dry, that is because the ground moisture is evaporated; the easiest way is to sprinkle the pig house, after the ground is sprinkled, the water is constantly Evapo, the humidity in the air will increase; we have used the way to rinse the pig circles in winter, that is, each flush is not flushing all the pigs once, but rushing one by one, so it can be Increase the humidity, and it is not too much to reduce the temperature of the pig house, and the health status of the pig house will become significantly better.
Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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