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Density is also an important in environmental factors, generally refers to the ground area of ​​each pig.

The following table is a minimum density of pigs in different stages:

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But in production, many pig farms are also arranged in pigs according to the above standards, but The pig farm is normal, and some pig farms have problems, such as the amount of sows, the fat pig is not clean, and the air is filled with air; this is because people have the misinterpretation of density.

The first misunderstanding is the area of ​​the ground area represents the area of ​​the pig. This problem is more obvious in terms of fattening pigs and reserves; the ground area here refers to a total coverage of a total of total occupies. The area is the effective area of ​​pigs that can be utilized. Compared to comparison, the area is smaller than the ground area; how much, different pig houses are very different; for fattening pig houses, the area in the ground area covers the ground and feces The area where the urine is placed is that pigs cannot be utilized; if the pig house is unreasonable or notes managed, the area of ​​the fecalus will be large, and the effective area of ​​the pig can be greatly reduced, and the seeming ground area is not small. However, in fact, the area is insufficient, in which case pig houses and pigs are often very dirty. For reserve sows, the area provided is often larger than the fattening pig, it is prepared for the activities of pigs; but if the area of ​​the manure is large, the area of ​​the pig is not enough. And if it is not in the ground, but in the online bed, it doesn’t have to consider the place occupied by manure.

The second misunderstanding is considered to consider the ground without considering the space; although the pig house does not affect the effective ground area of ​​the pig, it affects the air quality, which is very important in winter in winter; The pig house is high, the space is large, the air quality of the pig house will be good; but if the pig is low, the space is small, it is easy to have air polish, and the respiratory disease is easily happened.
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