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The previously mentioned that the temperature on the pig is very large, which will not only affect growth speed and feed utilization, but also an important means of preventing and controlling diseases; because the temperature is controlled, it is easy to other The environmental conditions are adjusted; the air quality will become, the humidity is also moderate; and if the temperature is suitable, the air quality is good, the humidity is normal, the density is not a problem.

The pig house is very much in the way, and the conditions of each pig farm are different, there is also a difference in investment, then which way can solve the problem, can you easily apply? Today, let’s talk about the way heating.
The first way is that the pig hostel is liter, there are ordinary coal stoves, and there is a honeycomb coal furnace; this is the simplest heating method, and now many people still use this way to warm. The temperature rise rate of the furnace heating is the fastest, but there is also a small heating area, which requires more manpower, and the temperature is uneven; in large rooms and scale pig farms, this approach has rarely used. In the house, there is also the harm of releasing coal smoke and consumption, which is one of the reasons why now use less pigs.
Heating is a safe and uniform heating method, and it is easy to keep pig house hygiene, no coal smoke and dust; but heating is often placed slightly, the heat of heat is higher than the height of the pig, the heat efficiency will Lower; at the same time, due to the large investment, the amount is reduced.
Hot air furnace is now using more types, and there are more and more types of hot wind furnaces; they will heat the air and blow them into the pig house, and they will blow the hot air through the heat sink. The pig house, there is a hot fan, with diesel hot air furnace, etc .; hot air furnaces will be hot in the pig house because of the fan, the pig house temperature is relatively uniform; if used, it is a fresh hot air blown from the whole At the same time, it is more advantageous to ventilate ventilation.
The electric hot plate is a hot method for breastfeeding pigs and conservation piglets, the heat efficiency is the highest, and it is conducive to piglets; however, the problem is that the power cord is often bitten or squeezed, damaged serious, cost increase.
Electric barbecue lights, is the most used in breastfeeding pigs, using infrared to pass heat to piglets; there is also a normal light bulb as heating mode, because ordinary light bulbs have different watts adjustable, for breastfeeding, piglets, effect will be good Infrared bulb.
The firewall is also a good heating method, but because the firewall will take up the floor area, it is necessary to plan in the pig house; so, in the application of the pig farm.
The floor heating is a good way to apply, there is fire, water, warm, electric floor heating and other means; because of the heat source of the floor is located below the pig, the heat efficiency is high and the health of pigs is good, in the preservation, the fertilizer stage is very good. But it also needs to plan in the design of the pig house.
Solar energy is a way of small-scale pigs, covering plastic cloth on the simple pig house, sunlight is hot during the day, covering a cotton or grass blind in the plastic cloth at night, can greatly save energy .
Increased density heating, this is the way some pig farms still adopted, the heat source is the pig itself; this approach, although the negative effect is large, because the cost is the lowest, it is willing to adopt the way, but this way The harm is also large, which will cause the air quality to deteriorate, and the phenomenon of pig bite is increased; in addition, if the trough and drinking water are not increased, the growth rate and feed utilization of pigs are also affected.
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