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The pig is constant temperature animal, under normal circumstances, the body temperature of the pig will not be 1 ° C within one day; to maintain the body temperature constant, the pig is constantly generating heat, and it is constantly emitting heat The heat is very simple, as long as there is energy substance in the body, it can breathe normally, there is a supply of oxygen, will keep the heat; now pigs, feed, fever, and heat-producing problems don’t worry.

However, heat dissipation is often problematic, especially during the temperature in summer, often causes thermal stress due to heat dissipation, severe people will lead to pig death; understand the heat of pigs, cold and heatstroke very necessary.
The heat dissipation of pigs has four, radiation, convection, conduction, evaporation.

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Radiation is the heat of the pig’s body released by radiation infrared rays, and similar to the sun is exothermic to us; any object is radiated. Radiation heat dissipation is related to ambient temperature difference and radiation area; the larger temperature difference, the faster heat dissipation; the radiation area is large, and the heat dissipation is also.


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The conduction is transmitted between the high temperature to low temperature between the objects that are in contact with each other. If the pig is lie in the ground, it will be conducted to the ground, and the wall will be conducted to the wall.

The conductive heat dissipation is related to the thermal conductivity of the contact material, the thermal conductivity is large, the heat dissipation is fast, and the thermal conductivity is small, and the heat dissipation is slow; when the ambient temperature is high, the material of the thermal conductivity is beneficial to the pig; ConductiveSmall coefficients are beneficial to pigs; what should be noted here is that we raise pigs, now no matter how high the ambient temperature is the same material – cement floor or online bed, then consider the heat dissipation effect.


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The convection is through air flow, and the temperature is high to the temperature low; the larger the air flow, the more heat is distributed; the air flows, that is, what we said wind of.

About convection heat, we are blown with electric fans in the summer temperature, and it will feel less hot, that is, the cause of the body is getting faster. However, when the temperature is low in winter, it is necessary to reduce convection heat, which is to prevent the wind from blowing pigs.


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Evaporation is to absorb heat when water is turned into water vapor, such as spraying water into the pig body, water evaporation will take away the heat of the pig.
The same reason, high temperature season should be considered to evaporate heat; when low temperature, the pigs are prevented from contacting with water, preventing evaporation and heat from making pigs more cold.

At one thing here, it is that the sweat gland of the pig is not developed. It will not heat up by sweating and evaporate. This is fatal on adult pigs; so people are not 40 ° C above 40 ° C. Will die, while the sow often occurs the phenomenon of being killed. Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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