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Temperature is important to pig pigs, and pigs also pay attention to temperature, but many problems still have a temperature above; there is a problem here, it is a problem that people’s understanding is not allowed; temperature It is not as constant as a fixed object, but a dynamic form will be affected by many factors; if we turn on the influencing factors, then there is a deviation, and these biases come to the pig body, It may be a disaster.

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Let’s talk about what is temperature.

The temperature is a physical quantity indicating the degree of heat and heat of the object. That is, you can use an abstract thing to express a number, let people know what extent and heat.

The temperature now used has a variety of forms, such as the temperature, Fahrenheit, Celsius temperature; we most frequently used the Celsius temperature, the unit symbol is ° C; when using the humidity, it will also be contacted to Fahrenheit temperature .
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Celsius Temperature, is the water as a reference, the temperature of the water is specified at 0 ° C, the water boiling temperature is 100 ° C, that is, to 0 ° C, water The liquid becomes a solid, and it is 100 ° C, and the water has become a gas. Under zero, the water will keep the shape; at 0-100 ° C, water is present in a liquid form; at 100 ° C, it is presented in a gas morphology. But what is mentioned above is in standard cases, there are several factors here, water is pureWater, air pressure is in an atmospheric pressure; if other ingredients are dissolved in water, such as salt, the water does not refresh at 0 ° C, but requires a lower temperature; if the pressure increases, water may be higher than Early ice was frozen at 0 ° C.


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Fahrenheit temperature is aqueous solution of ammonium chloride as a reference, the balance temperature of ice, water, and ammonium chloride is specified as 0 ° F, and the human body temperature is 96 ° F, Divided into 96, 1 ​​° F per grid.

Fahrenheit temperature and Celsius temperature can be converted to each other, the formula is as follows: Temperature conversion: t ° F = 1.8T ° C + 32

We measure the humidity The ball temperature, in general, the time is displayed, and we usually use the Celsius thermometer, then it needs to be converted.


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Measure the temperature, there are many types of temperature measters; our common kerosene thermometers, alcohol thermometer, mercury thermometer, gas thermometer, resistance thermometer, temperature difference electricity thermometer, radiation thermometer, light Temperature meter, etc. The most commonly used kerosene thermometer and mercury thermometer; kerosene thermometer, is a very cheap glass thermometer in our common red thermometer, and the temperature of the mercury thermometer is silver, and there is a normal thermometer. Temperature; Other thermometers often have special functions, such as the radiation thermometer used in the SARS period, which is convenient than the mercury thermometer.
Let’s introduce several special thermometers.

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This is a dry wet ball thermometer, which is the main meter of moisture by measures; a thermometer on the left is to determine the air temperature. The thermometer, while the right temperature meter, there is a sink below, a piece of cloth in the head of the thermometer, a head of the cloth, and the other sink into the sink so that water rises with the cloth; due to the air humidity than saturated humidity, cloth The moisture is to evaporate; during evaporation, the heat in the air is absorbed, causing the temperature of the temperature of the temperature of the temperature to be lower than the air temperature; the temperature difference of the dry wet ball temperature meter can be converted to the humidity of the air.
However, when using dry wet ball temperature measuring, the water added in the sink must be pure water, and it is regularly replaced; because of the mineral elements in ordinary water, the evaporation of the water, the mineral elements will be deposited On the top of the cloth, the moisture cannot be rose normally to the temperature of the temperature, and the humidity measured is not allowed; some people have forgotten to add water because of the negligence, then there is no effect.

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This is an electrical contact thermometer, which is also a common temperature meter; when the temperature reaches a certain scale, the power is turned on or disconnected, and our common appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioning, The rice cooker is all the truth; although there is no direct contact when porp, it is understood that these truths will be better controlled when using these appliances.

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This is the highest lowest thermometer.

The truth of the highest temperature meter is also very simple; the maximum temperature meter is always rising without a decline, as we often use the thermometer is this type, after the measuring, the temperature meter is required to get down, can Use again; the minimum temperature meterIt is a water and silver column that it is necessary to operate when it is not possible. The highest lowest temperature meter, the role of the pig is very big; such as the temperature in winter, the temperature is low, what is low, can use the lowest thermometer; if you don’t have the lowest thermometer, you need to arrange night shifts. People personally view, which increases many people.

The human cost of pig pigs is getting higher and higher, and it is best to use the instrument instead of the instrument; and the instrument has a benefit, it will not fake; because many pig farms are night temperature, not actual temperature But the night shift personnel estimate it is filled out.

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