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Now pigs, causing the largest loss or digestive path disease, especially diarrhea; second major illness is due to respiratory disease, because respiratory disease is the largest disease, such as mycoplasmic pneumonia, infectious pleura Pneumonia, pig lung disease, vice pigophilus disease, bow body disease, etc., are the main characteristics of respiratory symptoms; then the respiratory disease is only a pathogen infection? In fact, in the process of respiratory disease, environmental factors play a very large role.
The pathogen enters the lungs, first through the nasal cavity, trachea, bronchi, and these parts have the function of preventing pathogens, such as nasal cavity and trachea secretion, can adhere to the dust, so that it cannot be entered Deep position; tracheal hair has a motor function, can match the tracheal muscle will adsorb the dust-free mucus excretion; there is a large number of macrophages in the alveolar, which can be digestive into the rubbish of alveolar; these institutions are very large to prevent respiratory disease The role, but if these institutions lose their functions, respiratory disease is prone to happen.
We said that environmental factors affect the occurrence of respiratory diseases, mainly reflected in the following aspects.
First, if the air is dry, the nasal and tracheal secretion of the mucus will be drifted soon, lose the function of the dust, causing dust such as dust into the deep drive into the deep airway, directly entering the alveolar.
Secondly, the ammonia gas in harmful gases has the function of paralyzed respiratory nerve, leading to no longer sensitive to garbage into the respiratory tract, and there is no more resistance to garbage from the pathogen.
As mentioned earlier, the alveolar has giant cells; however, the number and ability of macrophages is limited. If the nasal cavity and the filtering function of the trachea are lost, there is too much grid, and the giant cells cannot be digested.
The relationship between the occurrence and environmental factors of respiratory disease is very large; all friends who have raised Taihu pig in the northern region have experience, and the northern region is difficult to control the bacterial pneumonia of Taihu Lake, is because of the dryness of the northern climate.
Therefore, to control the respiratory disease, environmental factors must be considered; we will follow the importance and prevention measures of environmental factors from different perspectives.
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