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About wet problems, often see two humidity and moisture on pigs; when talking about environmental factors, often talk about humidity, one is one of important environmental factors; in addition to diarrhea in piglets I will see another noun – moist, humidity is one of the reasons why the pig diarrhea; then is the moisture and moisture?
Humidity refers to the proportion of moisture in the air, and is a physical quantity of atmospheric drying; there is absolute humidity and relative humidity. Absolute humidity: The absolute humidity is the mass of water vapor contained in a volume of air, and the unit is generally a gram / cubic meter. Relative humidity: the actual water vapor density and the percentage value of the saturated water vapor density at the same temperature, called the “relative humidity” of the air, and the unit is%.
Wet is an indication of more moisture than normal conditions; there is no specified reference, which may be air, or other objects.
From the above explanation, the wet range is much more wonderful than humidity. There was a long-term racquet of the pig for many years, and the key factor in preventing small pigs, the key factor is to prevent cold, moist, unharitage; the moisture referred to here, not only the air humidity, but also the object of the pig. Such as incubator, ground, webbed, pad, etc.
Wet places, humidity is large, because in addition to the normal moisture in the air, humid objects are still constantly released in the air.
Through the above analysis, the method of controlling the humidity of the pig house will also be more effective; for example, if you want to increase the humidity of the pig house, it is not simply released water steam to the pig house, because the ground wall will absorb Water, the humidity is temporary; the dry ground and the wall absorbing moisture is very strong; if you want the pig house to dry, it is not just to solve the water in the air, because of the wet ground The wall will soon evaporate moisture into the air.
Today, I talk about this problem, which is to control the humidity in the future, which is conducive to understanding the following specific measures.
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