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Talking earlier on the importance of temperature on pigs, it also talks about the heating methods commonly used by the pig farms; but many pig farms still have many problems in heating.
The first is the security problem, because many pig farms have caused fire due to heating; there has been a pig farm, because the hood is too close to the flammability, causing the pig house to fire, the roof of the house is burned, many sows have to show in winter. Dang; there is also a burning sow and piglets due to thermal plates or infrared lights; there is also an unqualified fire, and the power supply line is unqualified due to excessive electricity consumption. Once the fire, that loss is not only economical, but it may lead to personally injured.
Some pig farms have a honeycomb coal furnace due to pig houses.
Secondly, the thermal efficiency problem is high because improper use is high, but it does not meet the expected results.
There is also a problem that is overheating, far exceeding the temperature required by the pig; there is a pig’s field, the shirtless work in winter feeding person; this not only increases costs, but more importantly, affecting the feeding capacity of sows Resulting in lack of milk.
There have been a pig farm to use infrared lights to the piglet incubator. The local temperatures in the box are too high, and the piglet is lying outside the box, causing a large area of ​​diarrhea.
There have been a pig farm, which uses a termination to fattening pigs; due to high temperatures and dry, the fat pig is declining due to fire, and the growth rate is too slow, missed the pig price.
When using the electric plate, due to the line interruption, the piglet does not get warm and not to be found, and it is very unfavorable to the health of piglets.
More is that the temperature is uneven, causing a pig’s cold, plus the poor pig house air quality, and the incidence of recycling is significantly increased in winter.
If there is a fire in the pig house, it is not only easy to smoke, but also consumes oxygen because the coal is burned, resulting in a lower oxygen concentration, and there is an insufficient oxygen.
The maximum problem with plastic greenhouses is too large, and in winter.Morning has a wetness.
So, when choosing a heating method, it is necessary to take into account economic practical, but also pay attention to prevent accidental injuries.
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