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In production, we often see such a phenomenon, watch the thermometer, the temperature is already high, far exceeds the right temperature range of pigs, but pigs look still in the stack, and These piglets have not sick. In addition, it is also seen that when the temperature is high, the pig is normal; it is not too high in the summer temperature, but the sow is breathing, and when the pig is hot, it is often not too high. .

What is these things? To tell these questions, we must understand a noun – effective temperature.
The effective temperature refers to the individual’s peripheral temperature, which is the subjective feeling of individuals. It is also a temperature that the pig feels.
We detect temperatures, typically the temperature of the thermometer, but the temperature of the thermometer does not represent the effective temperature of the pig, as the effective temperature will be affected by a lot of factors.

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In the production of pig production, the factors affecting the effective temperature are the following; one is the humidity, the second is wind speed, the third is the gasket; in fact, these three influencing factors are all and pigs The heat dissipation is related. The humidity is related to the evaporation heat dissipation, and the wind speed is related to the convection heat, while the pad is related to the heat dissipation heat. 3.JPG

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The effect of humidity on the effective temperature is that water will absorb air or related substance when evaporate, resulting in a decrease in the temperature of the air and related objects;Water is in contact with pigs, then absorb the heat of pigs, making pig temperature decreases; so if pigs encounter moisture, even if the ambient temperature is not low, diarrhea will occur; in addition, the speed of water vapor spread is far away. It’s faster than dry air, which is also our in the same temperature environment, it will not feel cold when we are dry, but the rain and moist weather will feel cold.

When the air humidity is large, it will also affect the evaporation of the moisture; so in the summer, if it is cooling the water curtain, when the humidity is large, although the water curtain does not stop working, the temperature can not fall. How much, that is, humidity affects effective temperature.


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The impact of wind speed on temperature is the wind speed, the heat of the pig is faster, and the wind speed is small, and the heat of pigs is slower; so, For fear of cold pigs, when the temperature is below suitable temperature, the smaller the wind speed is, the better for fear of hot, the larger the wind speed is more favorable.
Therefore, in the hot summer, it is equipped with some fans to alleviate the adverse effects of high temperature on pigs; while in winter, they should avoid the blowing of cold winds as much as possible.

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The impact of the amount of effective temperature is one of our many people not attaches importance, and it is also one of the largest relationships.

Swaves, is some of our human artificial to reduce the heat of heat dissipation, or the material can also be referred to as an insulating material; different amounts of material will be different due to the thermal conductivity. The effect on the effective temperature is different; the thermal conductivity is large, and the influence is high; and the thermal conductivity is small, it affects small. Material name thermal conductivity stationary air 0.024 Cotton 0.042 Paper 0.06-0.13 Hard foam 0.035-0.041 Wooden shadings 0.071 Plywood 0.125 Pine Tree 0.129 Red Brick 0.42 Water 0.54 Asphalt 0.699 Mixedal Cement 1.5 Concrete 2.35 Granite 2.68-3.35 Iron 80
The above table is the heat transfer of some of us often contact Coefficient; stationary air is the smallest thermal coefficient, iron is the largest thermal conductivity; concrete, the cement floor of our pig farm, the thermal conductivity is 2.35, which is much higher than the ordinary red brick, higher than the wood and cotton; That is, we like to use cotton to make the bedding without cement and bricks.

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In order to clearly explain the effects of various materials on effective temperatures, I found a significant temperature change of some common materials for pigs; as follows:

Ground types of effective temperatures Adjust wet cement floor (-10 ° C) dry cement floor (-5 ° C) padded cement floor (+ 4 ° C) drain ground (-2 ° C) Wooden plate and plastic ground (+ 5 ° C)

The pig is lying in a moist cement floor, and the effective temperature will decrease by 10 ° C; if it is lying in the dry cement floor, the effective temperature will decrease by 5 ° C; if it is placed on the cement floor, the effective temperature does not reduce, not only It will also increase 4 ° C; in addition, the slit surface will reduce the effective temperature by 2 ° C, and the wooden board will increase the effective temperature by 5 ° C. Of course, the effective temperature affects the surface of the drain, and is also related to the material. If the cast iron plate is reduced, it will be more; if plastic steel, it is small.
Today, I talked to the effective temperature, and many of our production can be explained.
Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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