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Clinical symptoms of encephalitis:

The performance suddenly eats less, the body temperature rises to about 41 ° C.

The spirit is depressed, lethargy, soon, soon, it is very tired.

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Some sick pigs can show mild paralysis of the limbs, unstable walking, severe sick pigs tend to similar to pseudohadia symptoms.
Small and medium-sized pigs in a three-month weight is more common;

From the season, it is relatively serious in the spring and autumn.

Suddenly a flow of abortion is often produced by pregnant sows, and the death, weak, and mummy.

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The boars often occur epiralitis, mostly mono-side, the initial swelling has a sense of hot pain, after several inflammation, the testicular shrinkage is hardened, the sexual desire is reduced, the semen is poisoned Lost breeding ability.

Eveitis can be divided into three types according to pathology and clinical manifestations: acute cerebralitis, acute encephalitis, chronic encephalitis.

Clinical manifestations:

Pig suddenly screamed, mad, ear angio, vocal vascular violent, no god, action, madness, standing up into push grinding Turning circles, four hoofs are multi-blown motion, generally to death for a few minutes to an hour.

Clinical manifestations
Clinical manifestations:

The pig is screaming, or inverting the cramps, or stays, each time the time is about 2-5 minutes, and Mo, repeated interval is 10-30 minutes

Acute cerebralitis
Clinical manifestations:

sick pigs fall down, crazy, scream, accompanied by cough, squatting, asthma, 3-5 times a day, the duration is short.

The mortality of pigs is high, and the treatment cost is high, so advocated to prevention.
1. Seed pigs inoculated with heterogeneous veneer inoculation of hexezen mesh two months.
2. For piglets in the birth of a heterogeneous disappearing vaccination for 60 days of birth.
3. Subbena is a serious human animal affected by the ethylitis virus.
Mosquito is the main media.

So the anti-mosquito mosquito is the first element, and it is necessary to choose the ground to dry, sit in the north facing the south, and the address is flat with slopes, the pig house production area, management area, and living area should be reasonable. Considering the treatment and utilization of manure sewage, it is good to ventilate, which is conducive to drainage and sewage.
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