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The mistakes in the chickens

1. Some farmers see that others have made a chicken, regardless of their own conditions, which makes it blindly and a lot of feeding, so that the number of chickens has greatly exceeded their ability, causing If the feeding management work does not follow, the bophbony is in a dysplasia, and the economic benefits are poor.

Common situations: 1 density is too large. Suitable density is 7 to 8 / m2. But in actual work. The density is often too large, and some even reaches 15 per square meter, so high-density feeding causes the crowd, feeding, drinking water, slow growth, and the mortality increase;

2 equipment is insufficient. The equipment for nursing is often used in tanks and sinks. It usually takes 12 to 15cm per brochry, and the desired sink slot is 2.0 ~ 2.5cm, but in actual work, the water tank is often insufficient. Caused some chicken only drinking water, feeding difficulties, making chickens that have weak physical fit, which affects

The growth and development and survival rate of the entire chicken group.

2. Only the chicken seedlings are cheap, do not pay attention to the variety and quality of chickens

often encounter such a situation in the actual work: Some chicken users have never asked when buying a chicken. What kind of seedlings are the seedlings, which kind of chicken is incubated, but only pays attention to the price. When the chicken households must choose a good variety, a healthy and healthy chicken seedlings are strictly forbidden to buy a sourced chicken.

3. The feed quality requirements are not strict

Feed is another major factor affecting the economic benefits of broilers, and the common mistakes in the material of Yang Chicken households in materials:

1 When self-matching feed, do not press the feed formulation to make a serious thought. Some of the chickenshouses in combating feeds, the percentage of various raw materials cannot be strictly checked, but it is quite serious, which is quite serious, which causes no complete feed formula to guarantee;

2 When using a finished material, the same batch of chickens cannot be fixed to use the same manufacturer, but replace it at any time. At present, there are more products in the market, which is better in the heart of the chicken household, and the same batch of meat must be used to use the same manufacturer’s material, so that the quality of the manufacturer of the manufacturer can be checked;

3 ReuseAdditives, anti – Pharmaceutical phenomena is very serious. Some finished materials contain anti-PC drugs, but nursing users don’t know, so in the use of anti-Pipedia drugs, the amount is not allowed to cause poisoning phenomena. Veterinary drug delivery network

4. Lack of scientific management

Although most of the Yangdiji people know some scientific chicken knowledge, it is often lacking scientific management in actual production. It is considered that the chicken is full of food, ignores other conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, ventilation, etc., resulting in a small climate in the house. Many of the gases in the gantry, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc. are too high, and severely affect the growth and development of the chicken group, and even induce the outbreak of the disease.

5. Improduction of the disease, the treatment measures are improper

According to the investigation, the chicken households have the following three aspects of the disease epidemic, the treatment:

1 Lack of necessary epidemic prevention measures. Diseases are dominated, and although the Chicken Households know this truth. But in production, it can’t be done, and the door of the chicken house does not have a disinfection tank, and the chicken is not often disinfected;

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