Escherichia coli simple and effective solution

Chicken Escherichia coli disease is acute, chronic bacterial infectious diseases caused by pathogenic E. coli, and all kinds of chickens and chickens of each species can occur. In recent years, as farmed, many farmers blindly increase the amount of farming, causing deterioration of breeding environment, making Escherichia coli disease presented epidemic rising trend, resulting in huge economic losses to farming production.

The sick chicken is depressed, the feathers are muted, loss of appetite, abolish. Partial disease chicken diarrhea, feather under the feather under the feather, contamination adhesion行, 产 产 量, 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 吸 吸 吸 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄Chronic thin, slow growth, joint inflammation.

Second, anatomy

The pathological examination eye is eye-sighted, heart-packaged liquid, heartbacket is more turbid, there is exudate and myocardial adhesion, cellulose liver Inverseitis. The liver is high, and the liver surface has cellulose exudate, and cellulosecy bronchitis is turbid, and there is a cellulose-free exudate. Meat bud swelling, mainly in duodenum, cadec, intestinal film and liver, etc., E. coli bud swelling, follicular membrane congestion, deformed, ovulatory or dark brown. Tublood charge XUE, Chuxue. The cock testosterone XUE, the transmissor official charge XUE, swelling.

Third, diagnosis

According to epidemiology, clinical symptoms, pathophysiological characteristics, the diagnosis can be made, and laboratory diagnosis is exactly, and the bacterial separation is taken. Identification. Aseptic collected lesions Tissue heart XUE or liver disease. Inoculated on Yili Lankan agar, most colonies appear black in Yehongmeilan agar, and has metal gloss. Red colonies were inoculated on McCad culture, and growth was repended to the medium. It is diagnosed as E. coli.

1. Do a good job in environmental hygiene, strictly eliminate DU

(1) Do a good job in environmental hygiene in the hatching workshop, strictly eliminate the seeding and incubation equipment, prevent the infection of the seeding and the level of primary bullion.

(2Do a good job in the hygiene reduction of the feeding environment. E. coli is widely existent in nature, especially severe stool contamination, often through digestive tract, respiratory tract and skin trauma, etc., contaminated feed, drinking water, pad, air and food, etc. are the main vector, so do a good job Environmental hygiene, strict elimination DU is one of the important measures to prevent control of E. coli.

During breeding, during breeding, the stable temperature, humidity should be maintained, prevent the thief, to ensure fresh air, prevent Harmful gas pollution, control feeding density, prevent excessive crowding, reduce stress, timely clean feces, do a good job of environmental hygiene, maintain all utensils,,,,,,, In the breeding stage of breeding chicken, in addition to the above, attention should be paid to the group, the stress of the open production, and the chicken pay attention to the stress of the artificial insemination and the prefense equipment. Minimize thermal stress, especially for three volts in summer.

Select full price to fit the feed to ensure the nutritional need of the chicken group, so that the chicken group is very strong, improved Anti-patient ability. When it is necessary to be a broken, inoculation, transfer, thermal stress, etc., can add a compound vitamin, trace element, and suitable antibiotics in the feed to improve the nutritional level, increase the disease resistance. . At the same time, vitamin C and vitamin E, reduce stress, enhance immunity, and prevent secondary infection and assisted treatment of diseases.

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