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European circulating water breeding profiles in Europe, factory chemical circulating water farming have become a new type, developing rapidly and complex industries. The rapid development of the European water industry is mainly due to the development of aquatic product feed and the production and application of high-new farming model represented by the closed circulating water, cage breeding, etc., by adopting advanced water treatment technology and bioengineering, reference cutting-edge technology, the highest single production Can reach 100kg / m3, closed circulating water culture has been popularized to shrimp, shell, algae, animal breeding.
At present, the countries in which foreign factory chemical circulating water farming technologies have developed countries with North America, the United States, Europe, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and Japan and Israel.

Closed circulating water aquaculture water treatment process and its characteristics
1) In recent years, some developed countries have successfully designed and constructed use in some years in recent years. Liquid oxygen to aquaculture and biofilter, greatly increase the yield of fish, and the purity of fish farms produces oxygen to 85% to 95%. 2) Reduce the hydraulic load of water treatment system to prevent biofilter blocking and large particulate suspension to ground into ultrafine suspension, the system uses a culture of the automatic sewage device, the residue trap and the mechanical filter three water The processing device, enabling the cultivation wastewater, and the solid suspension is removed by precipitation filtration method, and other equipment load is reduced.
3) Automatic monitoring technology with advanced farming environments is currently more advanced closed circulating water breasts, and automated monitoring equipment, by collecting water quality parameters, such as dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, salinity, etc. The alarm system and emergency treatment system make the enclosed circulating water aquaculture and environmentally reliable. 4) Resource utilization of breeding wastewater and the advanced developed countries in which circulating water farming techniques and non-pollution-free emissions technology have also developed some small, low cost, low-cost water treatment equipment for water treatment technologies. European circulating water farming technology revelation to my country’s circulating water farming development
The government needs to regulate breeding production, avoiding over-production leads to the loss of breeding industry, thereby ensuring the benefits of farm operators, and preventing the blind development of aquaculture from environmental protection Organic pollution brought, promoting the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry. European aquaculture, especially in high-density circulating water breeding production, strict controlThe use of medicine is used, so my country needs to strictly control the use of chemical agents in the breeding process to ensure fish safety growth. Most countries have stipulated a total feeding feeding feeding of aquaculture for different farming varieties, ensuring the sustainable development of aquaculture and quality of the aquatic products.

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