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Due to the change in winter weather, lower temperature, low ventilation, low humidity, and the incidence of bronchial clogging continue to rise, seriously threaten the safety of chickens, affect our profits, in reality, broncho blockage is extremely good, we will I found that the feathers are not smooth, dry cough, individuals have a strange call, and experienced people can determine that there is no gasproof jam and this phenomenon in the last two days. The bronchial Dussen death rapidly, most of death is higher than medium chickens, death posture is more belly, bronchogenes to the lungs have dry ooout —– This is a typical diagnostic criteria.

The cause of bronchial occlusion is generally a virus or bacteria causes a trachea, bronchi, and lung function. Expressed fever and bronchial pneumonia, resulting in bronchial and pulmonary disease. Everyone knows that the chicken does not vomit, bronchoes and lung inflammation causes slurry and mucous exudate, and these exudates in the trachea of ​​the chickens and underneath. Time is long, so that the trachea produces inflammation, coupled with tracheal epithelial cells and inflammatory oozing, resulting in respiratory disorders, heat generation causes water evaporation in inflammatory oozing to form embolism plus chicken breathing difficult The head is breathed, with the center of gravity, embolization blocks the broncho and fine branch trachea.

What is the embolization caused by disease? In fact, it is defined as a bronchial blockage is caused by influenza (or branches) and mycoplasma. Some people have found flu, nasal tube bacillus, and streptococcus, bronchillary can occur.

Comprehensive appeal Our comprehensive consideration of bronchial blockage is the flu and branch, nasal tube bacilli, Streptococcus, and mycoplasm mix.

Some people say that the treatment cost is high, how can I effectively prevent, prevent it is extremely simple, it is to master ventilation, humidity, and ensure that the chicken is not cold Reduce the temperature difference between day, solve this, there is a big change, but these are not so easy, such as: in winter, if the ventilation and negative combination of positive pressure and negative pressure are better than the ventilation of the negative pressure More, and the chicken is not easy to be cold, and the coal is more ventilated.

Treatment experience:

According to the current two years, the treatment supportWhen the trachea is blocked, if the influenza drug is not mixed, the bronchi is symptomatic when the broncho is blocked, and if there is no blend of E. coli and lung concentration high, the bronchi is recovered when it is recovered, and the bronchi is recovered. Outbreak. Name: Wang Xiao Tel: 15725217809

In the process of treatment, it will pay attention to it. It is necessary to cure it. It should be paying attention to the use of the drug according to the status of the chicken. Time machine, consider the effect, absorption rate, drug distribution, and compatibility, the use of medicines, how to consider the pathogen of disease when treating disease, and should consider the development direction of the next step, timely blocking the development source.

The above is the analysis and treatment of bronchial clogging, with its own practice, analyzes prevention. In summary, the treatment of bronchial clogging should not use the use of resolvation of drugs, while combining the drug with antiviral drugs with E. coli, the effect is obvious.

Funongzhihuqing, pure Chinese medicine formula specializes in the treatment of respiratory infections or trachea caused by viral diseases. A bottle can be 300 pounds against water, continuously taking 4-5 days; the chicken group will get effective improvement.

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