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Today, the key indicator of my country’s pig benefits is the number of pigs (psy) of each sow. In the breeding developed country, the mother pig has been achieved by 30 + wear pigs, and my country can achieve 18 ~ 20, and the breeding of sows urgently needs to be excavated and improved, and the development space is great. The sow turnover rate is one of the important factors affecting the number of piggy pigs per year. This paper studies the research on how the three pig farm turnover rate is improved, and how to improve the parenchymal rotation rate of pig farms in production practice (the annual number of wits per sow), thereby guiding production practice.

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1.1 Test Farm

1.3 Shandong XX Pastoral Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Shandong, sow The average reservoir is 210 heads, for the traditional long binary sow farm. 1.1.2 Shandong Binzhou XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd. is located in Wudi City, Binzhou, and the pig farm grows up the binary sow. 1.1.3 Shandong Yucheng XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd. is located in Heze, Shandong, and a large binary sow stocks 550.

1.2.1 Shandong City XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd. Test Method

1) January 2013 At that time, the sow was deviated, the sow was severe in the production room. Therefore, it is beginning to manage the pig farm. When childbirth of the house sow, the P2 point back is measured and improved, and the feeding capacity is adjusted, and the loss of breastfeeding is reduced. The full price of breastfeeding sows is 832880 and 852880, which is produced for Shandong XX Feed Co. The main nutrition indicators between the two are Table 1. Feed 3 times daily, record the feeding capacity. During the period, the immunization procedure is completed in accordance with routine cleaning. Temperature in the breastfeeding pig house is maintained in controllableWithin the range, the humidity is 60% ~ 80%, ensuring water quality, free drinking.

Table 1 Nutritional indicators of two breastfeeding sows 832880 and 852880

Product nutrition level
832880852880 Crude protein /%
15.4916.20 Digest NDF /%
9.199.28 Calcium /%
1.000.96 calcium phosphorus ratio
3.022.91 Phosphorus /%
0.330.33 sow lactation net energy / kg
10.2210. 42 lysine /%
2) Measure the thickness of childbirth and weaned milk, and the measurement method was measured and recorded in accordance with a conventional P2 back. Determining the degree of pork fertilizer according to the measurement back, not reaching the label pig with different plastic cards: Edition is expressed in the red card, and the weight is expressed in the green card. 1 red card indicates an increase of 0.25kg daily, 1 green card indicates 0.25 kg per day.
3) Determination of the associated propagation index of sows

Piglet 28 days weaned, measured the weight of the milk. After weaning, estrus identification is performed, and the estrus date after weaning, and the estrus interval after weaning.
4) Data Statistics

Experimental data is statistically analyzed by single factor analysis of SPSS 16.0 software, and data is indicated by mean ± standard, P

1.2.2 Shandong Binzhou XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd.

1) According to the understanding of Shandong Binzhou XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd., May 2013, the average giving rate is 69%, and the childbirth rate is relatively low. Therefore, the company’s data is organized with Purina Farm data management software: DONCOM 21, thereby determining the type of return, which in turn has a training of relevant investment.
2) Investigated the quality of the boar’s sexual desire and semen. When the boar looks, the sexual desire of the boar is observed, such as the degree of white mobility, the limb situation of the boar, and the quality and dilution method of the boar’s sequaculture, the quality and dilution methods such as semen density, malformation Rate and the same temperature dilution, etc.
3Observe the entire ruthenium process, investigate whether the boar is fully exposed to the sow, and the boar is stimulating before the pigs during the sow. <0.05判定为差异显著。
4) Data Statistical Experiment Data Statistical Analysis by Single Factor Variance Analysis of SPSS 16.0 Software, Data is indicated by mean ± standard, P

1.2.3 Shandong Yucheng XX animal husbandry Co., Ltd. Test Method

1) According to Shandong Yucheng XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd. reflects that the sows have a long time, the number of returns is more, the number of weaning is small, and the company has no data system, Therefore, the company’s data is organized with Purina Farm data management software: DONCOM 21, and identify specific reasons.
2) In view of the introduction of uterine inflammation of the company’s sow, the company’s uterine inflammation, etc.
3) Provide a solution through the above investigation.
4) Data Statistical Experiment Data Statistically analyzed with Single factor analysis of SPSS 16.0 software, and data is indicated by mean ± standard, P

2, result <0.05判定为差异显著。

2.1 Shandong City XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd. Test Results

2. The relationship between the sows in breastfeeding, the relationship between the estrusual interval after weaning

Since January 2013, the leading house Continuous measurement of all sows in all sows, the back of the sow, the calculation of the back is losses, and the data tracks the corresponding sow, the etiology, at the same time, also counts the estrus ratio within 7 days after weaning. The specific data is shown in Table 2.

Table 2 2013.01-2013.03 During the losses of lactating mother pigs and after weaning, estrus intermittent interval

Month Mother pig head number average childbirth back / mm average weaning back 膘 / mm average back lum The average estrus interval / d. 42 ± 0.396.20 ± 1.15 <0.05判定为差异显著。
From Table 2, it can be seen that during the breastfeeding period, the average backpoint loss is controlled within 3.0 mm, and the average emotional interval after weaning can be controlled within 7D.
2.1.2 Mother pig feedstock in breastfeeding, the loss of its back losses, the average off-weight loss and the average estrus time after weaning. Since May 2013, the leader of the farming unit also continuously measure the back of all sows in 5 months, the back of the sow, calculate the losses, while tracking analysis of the amount of breastfeeding 832880, the 28D weaning is gain, after weaning Emotic interval and other indicator data. The specific data is shown in Table 3.

Table 32013.06-2013.09 During breastfeeding, maternal pig feedstock on back losses, weightlessness and weaning to estrus

Month Mother pig header lactation time average feed / kg / head / D Average weaning worship weight / kg Average back loster / mm After weaning, the average estrus interval / D May 155.6262.72.62.706.287.2859.23.957.239.2251.23.867.239 Month 185.4858.43.606.80
The average estrus time after weaned milk in September, the average feeding capacity of lactation, the average back losses, etc. , The loss of back is increased, and the corresponding weaning is extended to the estrus. Further, the analysis of the entire breastfeeding volume of the sow and the loss of lactation and the weight loss of the lactation can be found that the sow can be used in lactation during lactation and lactation of weight loss. Relevant, sows have a significant linear negative diet in breastfeeding during lactation.
2.2 Shandong Binzhou XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd. Test Results

2.2.1 Determination of the type of return; a sow that has been returned from May to August 2013 Type analysis, specific data is shown in Table 4.

Table 42013.5-2013.8 Binzhou XX Episode Co., Ltd. Dominant Type Statistics Table

The number of retraction types may be returned 1 /% return ratio 2 /% 1 Early returnLove 1 unester, strong mismatar or hormone disorders 0.440.102 rules return I143 breeding failure, semen quality 62.7314.673 irregular return 45 management problem or disease infection, mold 19.744.614 Rules return to the 1221 age-age return identification failure 5.261 .235 Emotic delay 14 Extension returning and recessive abortion 6.141.436 Empty 60D above 13 Other reasons 5.701.33 Retreat No. 228 Average return time interval 2923.38 stage breeding total number 975
This stage of the farm The total return rate is 23.38%, of which the rule returning mother pig accounts for 68% of the total return sow, accounting for 15.90% of the total number of tablets. Therefore, the rule returns to affect the maximum factor in the delivery rate of the field, and it is also an important factor affecting the turnover rate of the mother pig.
2.2.2 By investigating the quality of pig sexes and semen. I found that the boar had no abnormal performance, and the sexual desire is good when the boar is observed. There is no problem with the live pig limbs; there is no problem after observation of the production, semen quality, density and dilution.
2.2.3 Observing the entire ruthenium, the boar is in contact with the sow, but the excitement of the boar in front of the fire is not in place, and there is a situation where the sow is not present.
2.2.4 Tracing the post-training rate score, self-adjustment personnel strengthen the estrus identification of the sow, after the processing timing is 3 months, analyzes the preampling rate indicators of the farm.

2. Shandong Yucheng XX animal husbandry Co., Ltd. Test results

2.3.1 The sow, which has detailed record information, from May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012 Specific as a statistical and reason for classification is shown in Table 6.

Table 6 2011.5.1-2012.04.30 Shandong Yucheng XX East Husbandry Co., Ltd. sow elimination information

Elimination of the elimination header ratio /% uterine inflammation 2130.9 Number of returns 1927.9 long-term Not estrus 1927.9 Accident 34.4 Digestion 22.5 Legs Abnormal 11.5 Headmogged Decidin 11.5 Production Number of Citrids 11.5 Total Number 68100
In Table 6, it is known that uterine in the past year, long-term non-estrus, long-term number of times CausingThe most important reason for sow elimination. The above three reasons are the most obvious, it is easier to be concerned by the pig farm, but the number of broken tits is low, the number of births, the sow is poor, and the pig breeding pig production performance is key assessment indicators. It was ignored by the pig farm, and the pig farm lacked a clear elimination standard.

Further fine soda eliminated type, pair of uterine inflammation, long-term non-estrus, more than three reasons for the elimination of the mother pig individual information, see Table 7, Table 8, Table 9.

Table 7 Shandong Yucheng XX Pastoral Co., Ltd. caused the number of mother pigs that have been eliminated by the number of retractions

Sequential order of the sow number of sow numbers 1 / 25160-442 Bragrated 22011/12 / 25423-1105 Breeding 32011/12 / 28170-486 Fragmentation 42011/12 / 30352- 01116 Fragmentation 52011/12 / 30378- 1152 Breeding 62011/12 / 3007097-1147 Breeding 72011/12/31122 -3245 breeding 82011/12 / 31131-497 Fragmentation 92011/12/31261 – 02103 Fragmentation 102011/12 / 3163805-453 Fragmentation 112012/02 / 1029306-942 Fragmentation 122012/03 / 12083-46 Fraction 132012/03 / 1266902-4120 Breeding 142012/03 / 161660-382 Fragmentation 162012/03 / 2565-829 Fragmentation 172012/03 / 25276-255 Breeding 182012/03 / 250212-129 Breeding 192012/03 / 310206-231 Breeding
Table 8 Shandong Yucheng XX Pastoral Co., Ltd. due to uterus / 12 / 30420-1113 Fragmentation 32011/12 / 3184-3123 Breeding 42012/01 / 09009-327 Breeding 52012/01 / 13445-11 Breeding 62012/02 / 251615-142 Breeding 72012/02 / 291619-141 Breeding 82012/03 / 03330- 1169 Breeding 92012/03 / 2128-631 Fraction 1011122012/03/212012/03 / 252012/03 / 25217-224-252-54231364714 ​​Breeding and breeding section 132012/03 / 250265-1 Fragmentation 142012/03 / 251677-587 Fragmentation 152012/03 / 310227-135 Fragmentation 162012/03 / 311648-137 Bring 172012/04 / 0507-798 Breeding 182012/04 / 0575-576 Breeding 192012/04 / 040213-59 Breeding 212012/04 / 26683-8517 Breeding
Table 9 Shandong Yucheng XX Pastoral Co., Ltd. Long-term non-estrus, mother pig individual information table

Sequence order, sow, sow, sow, the number of days after tomorrow, the number of days, 12011/12 / 3162806-4189 Breeding 22012/01 / 06010-491 Breeding 32012/01/06048 -4123 breeding 42012/01 / 06154-398 Fragmentation 52012/01 / 06259-2144 Breeding 62012/01 / 06324-61224 Fragmentation 72012/01 / 0671004-4130 Fragmentation 82012/01 / 0964-7131 Fraction 92012/01 / 09064-3124 Breeding 102012/01 / 09074-373 Variety 112012/01 / 09108-4130 Breeding 122012/01 / 09127-473 Fragmentation 132012/01 / 09135-346 Fraction 142012/01 / 09277-9-1
Weaned 152012/01 / 0961304-4102 breeding 162012/01 / 0962403-4119 Breeding 172012/01 / 0966005-488Type 182012/01 / 0968082-564 Breeding
As can be seen from Table 9, the pig farm personnel selection when the sow is eliminated, basically no choice It was eliminated after weaning. It can be seen that the pig farm has lacks a complete sow management test process, and personnel professional quality, professional skills, and responsibility are needed.

According to the sufficient understanding of the status quo of the pig farm, we have conducted in-depth communication with the head of the pig farm and the pig farm, and jointly formulate the following plans:

1) The technical training of Shandong XX Feed Co.
2) Develop the inspection flow chart of the key point control of the sow production score, increase the breeding, pregnancy, production room supervisor, work segment technology field length in return check, pregnancy diagnosis, weaning and transfer to empty house An important control key points for the inspection of the production scores of sow, helping to develop standards and application processing processes for sow elimination.
3) After a sound operation of the pig farm data record system, we developed the production indicators suitable for the pig farm, conduct performance assessments for employees, and further improve their enthusiasm and responsibility.
In order to make the pig farm have better running the sow elimination management, we use the pig farm management procedures provided by Shandong XX Feed Co., Ltd. to train the mother pig house, technical field leader, allowing them to use management. Software tools are integrated from “confirm the object sow”, “return analysis”, “expected to eliminate the sow”, quickly find out the problem of sows, making the work easily and simple, and also achieved a good result.
3, discussion

3.1 Shot rate is one of the main influencing factors affecting the production scores of pig farms, and improves the porcum peripheral rate to significantly improve the production results of the pig farm, not production The number of days can directly lead to a decrease in the peri-rotation rate of the mother pig. Therefore, the non-production day (NPD) of the sow directly affects the number of years of the farm, reducing the profit of farm. If the number of breastfeeding pigs in the farming field is reduced, the sales income in the farm is reduced, and the fat pig is boosted.Cost will increase. Today’s farm farmholds are not enough for NPD of sows. Because NPD is not directly payment, its loss caused by farms, farm managers often observe directly. It must be accurate, real, systematic related production data, and can analyze, discovery or define the control problem of NPD of NPD in breeding field, can be used to analyze the control problem of NPD in the breeding farm, and the level of production and production level of the large-scale breeding field .

3.2 In recent years, the dataization of the pig farm is gradually popular and using the Purina Farm Data Management Software Doncom 21 can quickly determine the problems in the farm farm today and the problems that will face later, and can also Provide guidance for the development of the solution.
3.3 It is known from the above three cases that if the farm continues to increase the turnover of the sow, control the non-production day (NPD) of the sow, the control of the number of estrus days after weaning is very critical. Promote the maximization of the feeding capacity during breastfeeding in the breastfeeding, improve the nutritional level of breastfeeding sows, reducing the losses when the breastfeeding pig is born, and is the premise of timely estrus. Timely eliminate the “problem sow”, can further increase the turnover rate of the sow

4, conclusions

From the above case, it is known that the backpack loss when the breastfeeding pig is born, is weaning sows. In a timely estrus, we can improve the turnover of the pig farm sow. Use the green brand red card to label the fat and thin and decrease the feeding, which can significantly improve the backward. Develop reasonable elimination “problem sow”, which can also increase the turnover of the pig farm sow. The use of data-based software can help the farm find problems and allow the farm to foresee future problems, and provide programs for problems and solutions.

Text / Wang Zunmin Zhang Jiejie Right Zheng Guomin Agricultural Bid Purina Feed Co., Ltd.

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