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The ammonia nitrogen in the factory circulating water is refers to the nitrogen present in the form of free ammonia (NH3) and ammonium ions (NH4 +) in water. The nitrogen containment amount of animal organics is generally higher. At the same time, nitrogen-containing organic matter in fish feces is unstable, which is easy to decompose into ammonia. Therefore, the ammonia nitrogen content is increased in the form of a compound in the form of ammonia or ammonium ion during water.
First, ammonia nitrogen in water is present in molecular ammonia (NH3) and ion ammonia (NH4 +) in water. Molecular ammonia is a great toxicity against aquatic animal, but ion ammonia is not only non-toxic or one of the nutrients of aquatic plants. When molecular ammonia concentration in the water body is too high, the molecular ammonia (NH3) in the biological body is penetrated into the organism, and the FE2 + oxidation of hemoglobin molecules in the blood becomes Fe3 +, reducing the carrier oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, so that the ventilator can drop. Ammonia nitrogen is mainly invading mucosa, penetrating into blood, causing shrimp to cause phymia, and will inhibit shrimp growth, reproduction, and severe poisoned people even die.
Second, ammonia nitrogen source

The main source of ammonia nitrogen in circulating water is the remains of feed, fish excrement, fertilizer and farming varieties of sinking into the bottom of the pool.
Third, the factors affecting molecular ammonia

1, molecular ammonia and ion ammonia can be transformed into each other in water, depending on the pH of the aquaculture water, the smaller the pH, the more water temperature Low, the ratio of molecular ammonia ammonia in total mixture is also small, the lower the toxicity. At PH <7, total ammonia is almost in the form of ion ammonia. The larger pH, the higher the water temperature, the larger the proportion of molecular ammonia, and the toxicity is greatly increased. 2, about 80% to 90% of the nitrogen-containing excrement of the fish is ammonia nitrogen, due to the increase in the bait and feces, the harmful matter at the bottom of the fish pond is constantly deposited, causing ammonia nitrogen exceeding the standard. If the water body is too much, the cleaning pool is not thorough, the high temperature season night, the water temperature is high, the aphoxic gas in the water impurity will be released, during this process, the amount of oxygen will double, so that the pool is hypoxia, The ammonia nitrogen content is also exceeded, and the fish is a large amount of floating heads and even a punt.

Four, ammonia nitrogen treatment method

1, oxygen-sufficiently dissolved oxygen to enhance the conversion of nitrite to nitrate to reduce the content of ammonia nitrogen in the water.
2, using formaldehyde, oxygenated agents, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydrauline, zeolite or activated carbon, etc., adsorb or degrade ammonianitrogen. (Suitable for pond or traditional aquaculture water treatment)

3, using Guangzhou China Aviation ZH-RAS factory chemical circulating water breeding system, the floating bed biological filter in the system can remove a large amount of ammonia nitrogen in the aquaculture water, and water quality monitoring instruments Monitor the water in real time, so it does not need to overweight the effects of ammonia nitrogen on the culture during the breeding process, only need to observe more. (For factory chemical circulating water farming)

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