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With the rapid development of domestic and foreign aquaculture, some toxic substances are often produced in the breeding process, such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, etc., these substances are not only directly harming the breeding animals, but also due to its long-term accumulation poisoning , Causing anti-pathogens such as fish and shrimp, which is easy to incur a variety of pathogenic bacteria, so it is seen as a sour source of sourcing of fish and shrimp, so that farmers have suffered serious losses, which greatly limits the development of aquaculture industry.
Factory Circulating Aquaculture nitrite produces nitrite. The production of nitrite is mainly derived from overwhelming stocking and concentrated baits to produce a large amount of bait, feces and death animal bodies. These organic matter deposits in the bottom, in heterotrophic Under the action of bacteria, corrupt fermentation, where proteins and nucleic acids are slowly decomposed, producing a large number of nitrogen-containing harmful substances, so that the water quality of the aquaculture water has deteriorated, causing serious self-contamination, and even makes the entire farming ecological environment have been destroyed. When pollution occurs, harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the water are produced.
The harm of nitrite in the hydrostation and the standard of fresh water fisheries in my country, the nitrite in the aquaculture water should be controlled below 0.2 mg / L, the river crab, the nitrite in shrimp seedling water should be controlled at 0.1mg. / L or less. 1. When the nitrite concentration reaches 0.1-0.5mg / L: Hazard: The nitrite content will rise when the water is dissolved, ammonia and nitrate are higher, and the nitrite content will rise. At the same time, the number of fish, shrimp red blood cells and the number of hemoglobin are gradually reduced. The blood carrier oxygen capacity is gradually lost, causing a chronic fish and shrimp, showing: fish, shrimp food rate decrease, sputum disease, difficulty breathing, disturbing.
2, when the nitrite concentration is greater than 0.5mg / L: harm: fish, shrimp, some metabolic function, physical decline. Performance: The fish will appear anorexia symptoms, the body is cusive, redness and swelling, and even the oral cavity will also have a large area death. How to deal with nitrite
1. Factory circulating water farming removes nitrite

Factory aquaculture uses a circulating water purification system to remove nitrite in biochemical treatment. Taking the Guangzhou China Aviation Circulating Water Aquaculture System as an Example:

The cultured water after filtering treatment is used by ozone integration with the protein separator, which can effectively separate the protein in the culture of culture, organicFor heavy metals, the cultured water treated after the protein separator is treated with an ultraviolet sterilizer, and the ultraviolet sterilizer is discriminated into a biological filtration system after breeding water sterilization. Nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen in the bio-filtration system. Biochemotogenous water flows into the constant temperature system for temperature regulation, finally re-inflowing the microfilter to achieve the result of recycling.
Second, traditional pond breeding remove nitrite 1. Determine reasonable stock density: control reasonably stocking density to ensure that the nitrite is caused by heaving the water body load, the nitrogen circulation is caused by heavily in the breeding. Increase in content. 2. Scientific feeding: Feed is the main source of water nitrogen. By increasing feed quality, reducing feed coefficients to reduce fish nitrogen excretion is the main measures to prevent “nitrice” in water. 3. Reasonable Fertilization: According to the breeding, the breeding stage is reasonably determined to determine the type, quantity and method of fertilization.

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