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Biofiltration is the most important part of the entire factory circulating water treatment system, which is unlike mechanical filtration process, how much aperture, how much removed can be calculated at all. The biological filter surface is a simple process, in fact, there are many intermediate reaction links, countless different kinds of microorganisms collaborate, each intermediate reaction is affected and effects, so we want to accurately control its process. It is very challenging.
The nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen is one of the basic elements of all organisms, which are widely present in proteins, nucleic acids, adenosyposphate, pyridinucleotides and pigments. In a water-proof environment, nitrogen is also mainly constituted in the waste generated by a farmers. The nitrogen-containing waste has four types, ammonia nitrogen, urea, uric acid and amino acids. Unlike the human metabolite final product is urea, the metabolic end product of the fish is ammonia, and the diaper and feces are also decomposed by the respiratory. Therefore, the most critical is ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen. Ammonia nitrogen and nitrid nitrogen have toxic and nitrate nitrogen relatively non-toxic.
Nitrification and denitrification ammonia and nitrite can be used as nitrate bacteria, which in turn becomes “odorless” nitrate. A process of ammonia is oxidized to nitrite, and then oxidation to relatively harmless nitrate is referred to as nitrate. The nitrification is made from the completion of the bacteria. This is a good oxygen bacterium, which requires a lot of oxygen. In general water exchange, the accumulation of nitrate can be ignored. Among the zero crossing water, the high concentration of nitrate reduces the efficiency of nitrification reaction and produces certain biological toxicity. Generally introducing a microorganism transforms nitrate into a nitrogen discharge system, which is called denitrification, generally anaerobic process. At this point, the harmful ammonia nitrogen is finally harmless nitrogen is cleared.
The relationship between ammonia and pH has two chemical forms, ion ammonia and nonionic ammonia (i.e., hydrated ammonia), and nonion ammonia. Among ammonia is converted between these two morphology, and the factors that mainly affect the conversion in the case of stability in other conditions.
Source: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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