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The factory chemical circulating aquaculture system is the weight of the work of maintenance and maintenance through various mechanical equipment. It takes a little time to check the cleaning, which may make the work efficiency of the equipment greatly increased, extending life. Today, let’s take a look at the maintenance of the drum microfilter.
There are currently two kinds of circulating aquaculture system, one is a closed, namely our drum microfilter, one is open, namely our stainless steel roller microfilter. The so-called closure is to enter the microfilter in the form of a pipeline and effluent, and the open type is placed in the pool in the pool, and it is also available in the form of aqua. Since the open microfilter is exposed to the open waters overall, the degree of rust rust of the equipment and the motor’s IP level have high requirements, and regular maintenance is also very important.

Roller microfilter, stainless steel drum microfilter

Maintenance of the general microfilter includes: the cleaning of the washing pump and the reducer, the flushing pump filtration The cleaning of the liquid level probe and the backwash nozzle, the drum bearing and the fuel, the chain wheel, the oil, and the like.

Anti-cleaning maintenance: The backwashing module includes a reverse washing pump, a filter, a liquid level probe, and a backwash nozzle. Most of the customer habits will install the backwash pump on the pool of the microfilter filter, and the closer installation position can improve the work efficiency of the flush pump, reduce the water loss, but the water fog formed when the rush is, will flush the pump The life is placed. Therefore, when installing the backwashing pump, pay attention to the IP level of the motor. I believe that friends who do mechanical and electrical equipment are not unfamiliar with the IP level. I only do a brief introduction here:

IP is an abbreviation of Ingress protections. It is a protection level of the electrical equipment shell to foreign matter. With IP followed two A number is expressed, the number is used to clear the level of protection. The first digital representation prevents the level of solid foreign matter from entering, the highest level is 6; the second number indicates that the device waterproof is extent, the highest level is 8. For example, the motor of IP65, that is, the motor can completely prevent dust intrusion while preventing an air intrusion from rapid spurting of large waves or spray holes.
However, in seawater breeding, the surface of the motor is easy to clean, longIt will cause corrosion in the motor. Therefore, it is preferred to wipe the surface of the anti-scrub pump every week in seawater culture. It is best to install the backwashing pump separately in a dry environment, which is easily corroded by seawater.
Usually, a filter is mounted between the backwash pump and the nozzle to prevent the water from cleaning with impurities, thereby blocking the nozzle. If the filter is not cleared for a long time, the load of the flush pump will continue to increase, reduce life, and due to insufficient water supply, the effect of reverse rinsing will greatly decrease. Therefore, the filter element of the filter is also cleaned weekly.
The cleaning of the backwash nozzle is to remove the small particles of the filter. In seawater circulating water breeding, the microfilter nozzle is easy to accumulate some dirty things like mud. Over time, the injection area and strength of the nozzle may be affected, so it also needs to be cleaned on time.
Roller maintenance:
The general drum module includes a drum, a support wheel, a main bearing, a chain, and a reduction, which is also a stainless steel microfilter component, and the cylinder microfilter has been made greatly.
Supporting the support wheel of the drum and the main bearing of the drum belongs to the transmission device, so periodic oil is required. Most of the runners and bearing parts will reserve the oil, so it is possible to select the appropriate oil gun and gear oil.
The working condition environment of the reducer is similar to the backwashing pump, so each of the cleaning of the anti-punching pump can also be used for the deceleration machine, ensuring dry cleaning of the surface of the motor.
Our microfilters have been made by PP plastic material, and also removes metal chains and wheel teeth, and effectively solve rusty corrosion under the premise of ensuring strength. This is also more popular than stainless steel microfilters than stainless steel microfilters.
Mesh cleaning: Many customers who have just exposed to circulating water equipment easily ignore regular maintenance of the filter. Someone will ask the filter is not to be cleaned with a backwash pump, why still need to clean and maintain regularly? There are two main reasons:
First, due to the structural problem of the backwash nozzle, the pressure of the injection water is uneven, and it is a large intermediate pressure, and there is a small pressure on both sides. The part between the two nozzles becomes the dead end of the flushing filter. This is why some filters have been used for a while, and they have become a white.

Second, because the use of microfilters for a long time, it will inevitably fouling on the filter, mainly some greaseAnd impurities, these small things will reduce the filtering efficiency of the filter. The most obvious phenomenon is that the microfilter has been used for a while, and the frequency of rebuff will be faster and faster, which means that the filter should be cleaned. When cleaning the net, the commonly used equipment has high pressure water guns, oxalic acids and baking soda. Generally, the working pressure of the anti-flush pump will be around 6 to 8 kg. Therefore, when using a high pressure water gun to clean the filter, it can be slightly larger than the working pressure of the rebuff, but it should not be too large to avoid damage to the filter. At the same time, I remember to use a water gun to spray some point in the filter, so it is easy to break the filter. The flushing water is preferably used to use fresh water from about 30 degrees so that the dissolution of impurities.
The cleaning step can be cleaned with a water gun, then wipe with oxalic acid; after cleaning with fresh water again, cleaning it with a small soda, and the weak alkaline solution will be well digested to condense the oil on the mesh. Finally, use the water gun to clean it.
In order to avoid water pollution to the system, we will usually design bypass water for each processing unit at first, so that we do not affect system work and farming water. , Cleaning and maintenance of each device.
Of course, for the cleaning cycle of the filter, it is sufficient to be booked according to the density of the breeding, usually every two weeks or every month, once a month.
Source: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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