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In the circulating water breeding, the fish and shrimps will also die, and the direct cause of death is 70% of the disease, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasitic diseases. So where is these pathogenic microorganisms?
In general, the breasts are placed in the breast, put on the fish, and the expenses, you can start farming. Assuming a special thoroughty in breeding pool disinfection, then the source is water, fish and bait. It is assumed that the source of bait is reliable, saved properly, and the operation process has no pollution. Then the water and fish carry pathogen likely the largest.

The possibility of fish carrying the pathogen is very large. From the fish egg, some bacteria and viruses are carried from the mother through vertical transmission. If your fry is purchased, it is possible to infect disease in any part of fish hatching, breeding and transportation. Of course, the fish carrying the pathogen is normal, does not mean certain pathogens, just like a human body surface carries cold and blood, but not seeking cold. What we have to do is minimizing the hazards of the germs carried by the fish through quarantine and medicinal bath.
Water is the most difficult to handle, rich in water, variety, a large number of bacteria, while the circulating water farming should be a good defense, the main line is to raise the water, maintain the system is stable, protect the fish is not hurt .
In circulating water, the most commonly used sterilization method is ultraviolet and ozone. The bacteria is eliminated using ultraviolet penetrating and ozone, but these two bactericidal methods are still a little defective. If the ultraviolet rays are sterilized, if the penetration is not strong enough, bacteria can be self-repair, while ozone is sterilizing effect Ok, but too much residual ozone is toxic to the fish. But this doesn’t have to worry too much. In general, we don’t have to destroy all bacteria in the breeding, just control the bacterial control in a certain range, don’t let the bacterial riots can be, general fish still want to immunity, and this It is also a positive stimulation for fish immunity.

The fungi and single cell algae can be killed by the above means, what about the fungi, viruses and parasites?

The virus is parasitic in animal cells, and once the carry cannot be removed, it is generally very easy to carry parasites in the pond, while the indoor closed system hatched seedlings are generally without parasites. This is the largest advantage of planting circulating water farming, isolation with external environment, controlling bacteria, virus, and eliminating parasites, thereby achieving green water products.
We are designingTry to configure the corresponding sterilization and disinfection device according to the amount of water. More importantly, in the usual daily production, it is necessary to monitor the number and type of microbes in water in the water! In addition, the water extracted from the outside environment also requires sterilization treatment before entering the production workshop, which is the first gate, we call the original water treatment.
Source: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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