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Guangzhou Zhonghang ZH-PM series automatic box roller microfilter is mainly composed of box components, roller assemblies, anti-cleaning systems, and electrical control box systems.
, handling water flow can be customized according to demand, useless Poisonous and corrosion resistant materials made. The suspension
of the water is separated from the inlet stainless steel 316L screen, and the stainless steel filter is used as the medium to remove the suspension. When the water containing the suspension particles into the drum, the suspension is intercepted by the stainless steel filter, and
water contains water containing no suspended material into the reservoir. When the suspension in the roller accumulates to a certain number, the water permeation amount is lowered, resulting in rising in the inner water level in the cylinder, and when the water level rises to the set high water level; the liquid level automatic control system work, at this time, The anti-cleansing pump and drum motor simultaneously
automatically open, the high-pressure water purification system of the high pressure water output by the anti-cleaning pump is high pressure cleaning of the rotating roller filter, and the suspension of
is retained on the filter
in high pressure Under the rinsing of water, enter the dirt collection trough is discharged. When the filter is cleaned, the water permeation of the roller is rising, and the water level in the cylinder is lowered. When the water level drops to the set low water level, the anti-cleaning pump and the drum motor will automatically stop working, the microfilter Also enter the new
wheel work cycle.

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Product Features:

1, with automatic, stop, manual work mode, automatic sensing screen is blocked and automatic in automatic mode of operation Flushing work,

can also set the anti-cleaning time according to the screen blockage. 2, the screen uses the stainless steel screen with high-quality unique process, small aperture, small resistance, strong water, and the screen is not blocked, zero consumption.
3, the outer casing is made of high quality plastic material, has strong anti-corrosion, and durable.
4, the dirt collecting groove has a tilt angle, rapid sewage.
5, transparent cover, real time observation work.

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