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Guangzhou NAV Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. UV sterilizer series: The advantage is that the irradiation intensity is high, the bactericidal life is 9000 hours, the high transmittance quartz glass tube, the light transmittance is ≥87%, the unit price is also moderate than similar products, After the bactericidal life of 8,000 hours, the irradiation intensity remains stable at 253.7 um, which is stable in stable intensity than the intra-domestic similar product. The lamp is broken with a sound and light alarm reminder. High-brightness mirror sterilization reaction chamber design, the bactericidal rate can reach 99.99%.

☆ Housing adopts high-quality PVC, durable;
☆ Selected imported original UV-C tube, high purity quartz glass sleeve, long-acting sterilization;
☆ Full-closure, with window monitoring;
☆ Unique sound, light alarm device, operation safety and reliable, maintenance cost;
☆ No chemical reaction, no secondary pollution.

☆ Seawater and freshwater breeding
☆ Fish hatcher
☆ Swimming pool
☆ Landscape water
☆ Water mixing algae
☆ Aquatic product processing water and sterilization
☆ Cell water supply and domestic sewage sterilization
☆ Hospital sewage disinfection treatment
☆ Food processing industry water disinfection
☆ Other water sterilization treatment
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