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In the process of aquaculture, water quality is an important aspect of irreversible, and the quality of water quality directly affects the growth and development of farming fish, and each fish requires water quality conditions suitable for their survival. Circulating water breeding is high in its breeding density, the feed is large, during the breeding process, due to feed residues, fish excretions continue to accumulate, resulting in deterioration of breeding environments, so if the water quality regulation and management becomes factory chemical water culture One of the important parts.

The water quality purification of factory chemical circulating water is mainly based on microorganisms in the water treatment pool, and has good bacteria to consume harmful bacteria in the water. At the same time, the purpose of purifying by water-quality filtration. To do water quality management, we must understand the various physical and chemical indicators affecting water quality to adjust the water quality to the best state by test detection.
The cause of deterioration of circulating water is corrupted
1, the cultured density is too high
The factory breeding model is much higher than that of other farming models, and the cultured density is also much higher in the breeding process. Excessive density has a great impact on the growth of farmed fish, will increase their own inhibitory effects, affect the new metabolism of fish, and the nitrination utilization of fish on the feed, and it is also very easy to pollute its growth environment, causing farming. Water quality deterioration, water body accumulates a large number of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and floating parasites, resulting in frequent fish.

2, the investment management supervision does not strictly strictly produces high breeding density, high feed feeding, feed quality, use efficiency and feed use methods have an important influence on squid growth and water pollution. Only 25% to 35% of the feed substances are utilized by fish, and the residue of 65% to 75%, the phosphorus residue and excrement are decomposed and dissolved in the water body and dissolve oxygen. The decomposed product is mainly harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, and severely affects the survival of the aquaculture fish.
3, the core treatment system is too small or the core of the biofilter is selected from the core of the circulating water, which is water treatment technology. The water-treated filter material is mainly a biofilm acts as a carrier effect, and the biofilm is attached to the surface of the filter. Microbiology uses contaminants such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, ammonia nitrogen in breeding wastewater, which control the material foundation required by the energy and cell synthesis required for cell itself, controlling harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen in the aquaculture water body. It has been harmless carbon dioxide, nitrate, etc., to achieve water purification wastewater.
What are the specific measures for circulating water quality control?
1. Reasonable stocking density, optimized bait nutrient composition and feed mode rational stocking density can give full advantage of the potential to use water, promote the health and rapid growth of farming fish. The factory breeding bait should choose a comprehensive high quality plastic, according to fish’s living habits, reduce the amount of bait, and improve the utilization rate of bait.
2. Improve water dissolved oxygen hydrogen in water to affect the amount of water, food digestion, and an important factor in growth rate and bait coefficients. Keeping enough dissolved oxygen in water to improve the living environment of fish perch, inhibit chemical reactions to generate toxic substances, transform the content of toxic substances, improve water quality
3, use physics, biological methods to purify water quality use zh-ras circulating water The breeding system performs water quality purification treatment, removes total suspended matter in the water body (water bait, fish shrimp feces), tris nitrogen (ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate), protein, and other harmful substances. The hydrogens separation by the ZH-PM drum microfilter is used to remove suspended particulate matter (feces, bait) in the water body, increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water body by the oxygen generator.

During the process of planting circulating water breeding, a reasonable stocking density, strengthening breeding management and monitoring, selects the quality bait with nutrient balance, and improves the hydrogens of the aquaculture water, and improves the utilization rate of bait, reducing farming. Pollutant emissions can effectively control the cultured water pollution, and achieve the water quality index of the aquaculture.
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