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The development trend of future social industrialization and the development level of the world’s advanced farming model indicate that the factory chemical circulating water farming system will be an important model of future aquaculture. Therefore, factory chemical circulating water farming is an important development direction of my country’s aquaculture. There is no factory in internationalization, which corresponds to the factual circulating water breeding system. It is the main feature of water circulation, with average water conservation rate of more than 95%, such as low In this indicator, it is water aquaculture. Compared with traditional breeding, plant circulating water, has the characteristics of water saving, throduct, high-density intensive and emission and emissions, in line with sustainable development, and is an inevitable trend of future aquaculture mode.
The factory chemical circulating aquaculture system is to remove harmful pollutants such as farming water, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, suspended goods, etc., using biological reactions, physical filtration methods, and remove water bodies Contains CO2, nitrite, ammonia nitrogen, by disinfection, oxygen, and temperature will be re-input in the breeding pool, and realize the culture of aquaculture water.

Through the demand for breeding industry, the aquaculture of circulating water culture is not clear, and my country’s development of circulating water cultures seems to be unclear, truly affecting its development scale or economic factor. Therefore, under the condition of my country’s unstrue environmental regulations and farming licensing system, factory cultures do not have economic advantages, but there is a significant comprehensive advantage in local areas, which can be prioritized. Seawater factory chemical circulating water farming is the key direction of future aquatic products, supplemented by certain policy support, breaks through the scale of chemical plant cultured bottlenecks, promoting industrial progress and upgrading, and uses circulating water farming ideas and technological transformation of traditional pond farming. Future aquaculture development direction.

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