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Factory circulating water farming, in short, the use of cultured water, reaching energy efficiency. In contrast, this farming does not have a traditional cultured water supply facility, and each breeded circulating water system is formed between each breast cell, that is, each breeding tank has a water pipeline connected to a water treatment system at one end of the workshop. The water in the pool can be delivered to the water treatment system at any time, and the treated water is retransmitted back to the breeding tank.
Factory circulating water fish grows quickly and is completely circulating aquatic breeding system equipment. Due to the pollution water body such as feces during fish growth, it is necessary to purify water quality and inject a series of equipment to cultivate the breasts. Water cycle use. The key factor in determining fish production and quality is water quality.

So how do we manage water quality?

1. Control the amount of feedback

Feed is the main nutrient source of factory chemical circulating water. In order to avoid the difference between the fish, it can be subjected to a pool in real time, and the bias and small fish can be separated and concentrated, and the fuel is fed, and it also observes the feeding of fish. Reduce feed waste and chance of bait pollution.

2, water safety controllable

Use factory chemical circulating water breeding system, reducing the risk of aquaculture, using the use of circulating water, reducing the risk of fish disease, lowering fish Mortality, reduce additional expenses, and benefit from increasing production income.

3, factory chemical circulating water breeding management is convenient
Traditional farming is easy to be influenced by weather, disease, compared to plant circulating water farming, anti-parasite, bacterial disease and other diseases , Bad weather, such as exposure, heavy rain, even typhoon interference, fish growth, eating and adaptability are good.

Source: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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