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Prevention and control of any infectious disease must comply with three basic principles: controlling infection sources, cut off transmission pathways and protects susceptible animals. Although the various “effective” disposal measures have been taken, African swine fever is still passing, the long drive is straight, all the way to the south, there are thousands of husband Mo Yong.

After African swine fever enters China, infection sources are basically determined as sorry pigs and infected latency, and the pathways are mainly insurgent of manure and pig source. Feed, controlling infection and cut-off channels have passed a variety of attempts, only “Protecting the Pigs” has not been valued, and the measures taken are still eliminating the susceptibility animals (culve the entire pig group). The practice of eliminating the susceptibility is itself violates the essence of infectious disease control. The large-scale culvert will lead a series of social problems, such as polluting the environment, consuming government resources, and harms the safety of pig industry.

How to protect the remaining susceptible pigs when there is infection or potential infection in the pig group. What is said to protect the “vulnerable pig group”, which is to protect the pigs without clinical problems or do not die when they are infected with African pigs.

“Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics” (Su Wen · Barning Final) Yellow Emperor: Yu heard five epidemics, all are inter-dyed, no question, the condition is similar, not to save the treatment, How can I get a moving?岐 伯 曰: Not infect, in the deposit, evil can be counted (otherwise: evil can’t do), avoid the gas, Tianzhu, come to the mind, 气 气 气… This description fully illustrates that the anti-plague capability of enhancing the vulnerable pigs is extremely important, and there is also a high possibility. Let’s talk about how to enhance the resistance of easy pigs? How to do “in the gas deposit, evil can be counted”?

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China’s traditional culture and Chinese medicine theory provide us with unlimited imagination space. Increase the resistance of pigs, you must first clear the five-line positioning of African swine fever. There are five elements of Chinese medicine corresponding to “five evils”, that is, wind, Cold, wet, dry, fire. Five lines positioning: get angry, water, left soil, right gold, Zhongmu, the fire is corresponding, the cold water corresponds to, the wet soil corresponds to, the dry gold corresponds to the wind. According to clinical features and pathogens, African piglets belong to the right wet soil (African swine fever virus belongs to positive pathogens). According to the rules of soil, golden acid, fire, greenery, and suffering, the disease is preventive and effective, while the epidemic is effective for the treatment of alkali (salty) substance.


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If a five-line definition of the plague, further analysis can also be further analyzed. Planeum, genus; epidemic, belly. Pulling heat, fire, body high fever; glucogenesis, sick until hemorrhage, a wide range of death. The middle stage of the disease is the middle stage of the development of the disease, the epidemic is the highest stage of development, the disease is the final stage of the development of the disease, there is no power to return to the sky, it is bleeding, the blood does not solidify, so use bitter and gold The product can only play a preventive role, with the use of fires and soil bases. At present, it is possible to find citric acid, garlic, frankincense, no medicine, pepper, and soil bases with cinnabar, Zijin, male and female (see Xiao Jin Dan). For African swine feventions, golden acids such as garlic, citric acid have been proven to have good prevention.

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From “five 气”, the blue gas is from the liver, the white gas is from the lungs, barefare Heart, dark gas is from the kidney, yellow gas is from the spleen. African swine fever belongs to the yellow gas of the spleen, repressing the lungs, such as raw lime. At the same time, the yellow gas of the spleen belongs to moisture, and it can be effective with white dry gas. According to this study, the current wet disinfection must be corrected, and it is recommended to use dry disinfection.

Losing in African swine feverOn the occasion of severe flooding, only protecting susceptible pigs, reducing detoxification until not detoxifying, the environment is purified, and African swine fever can eventually be effectively controlled. Remember: All passenger and inspections protecting the prime pig groups only have the best experience in the initial place.

From the modern scientific point of view, the pigs infected with African swine fever occur, basically belong to a pig group in the insufficient protein content (commonly known as nutrients) (such as sows, public Pig, fattening pigs), the body is low, and the pigstock is poor. Overall, the boar, sow is more than 30 or less (laboratory internal standards), which is recommended to increase high absorption proteins and amino acid raw materials in the sow. At the same time, increase the thermal body of the oxidative substance in the sow, it is recommended that the body is at least 10 or more (inside the laboratory).

The emperor of the “Yellow Emperor”: What is the ban?岐 伯 曰: The disease is less, the food is affordable, and the food is too much. When African swine fever occurs, it is a top priority to reducing feeding.

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