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1. Pig Pig Winter Ductance Measures:
1, do a good job in feeding management of pregnant sows. According to the reasonably deployed feed according to different pregnancy, piglets have been well developed in their parents, greatly and strong disease resistance, and also created good conditions for postpartum breastfeeding.
2, do a good job in the delivery and postpartum work. 1 week before the birth, the larow is raised, 1-2 days before the birth, the cleaning and disinfection of the circle, the sow, the sow, wipe it with warm water; after the birth, the piglet should be fixed, and it is full of colostrum. At the same time, in addition to the mixing feed required for supply, sows should be asked to feed some green juicy feed.
3, strengthen the feeding management of piglets. 7-10 days after childbirth, the sweet piglets and the right amount of Xiangyun EM bacteria.
4, winter and spring pay attention to keep warm, cold and cold stress. Improve the environmental hygiene of pig houses, inhibit the prosperity of pathogenic bacteria.
Second, simple identification of yellow, white, red diarrhea
“red diarrhea” mainly occurred in piglets in 1-3 days, brown red, rare, by Type A or C-shaped Wei Surganica caused, resulting in inflammatory changes in the abdominal surface mucosa and deep tissue of the piglet gastrointestinal structure, resulting in digestive tract disorders, gastrointestinal function disorders, and exhibits diarrhea symptoms.

“Huang Dise” mainly occurs in 1-7 years old pig, and the yellow row is caused by the contained E. coli.

“Bai Du” mainly occurs at 10-30 years old pigs, and the ash white is raised, also caused by the vicinar coli.
Furthermore, after the piglet has been tired, there is a cyclical diarrhea, and there is a purple spot in the subcutaneous subcutaneous, and caused by Salmonella. However, this diarrhea occurs in pigs in 2 – 4 months. There is also a viral diarrhea in piglets. In addition to diarrhea symptoms, there are vomiting, caused by pigs, gastrointestinal inflammation, or pig flow, diarrhea. Generally, the pigs of various ages are susceptible. Pigs with parasrawactic diseases (such as coccidia, round nematode disease) will also have diarrhea, weight loss and anemia.
Third, the treatment of the treatment of winter pigs.
1. Modern therapy: It is currently believed to use Western medicine methods to be prone to resistance, so industry insiders put forward two suggestions:
First, inherit the tradition of Chinese medicine, compareComprehensive, provided include “white head” (also improved piglet resistance): 90 grams of Pigahren, 45 grams of cork, water fried. It is also possible to inject a fish, 1 amount of 0.05-0.1 ml / kg, intramuscular injection, once a day, with 3-5 days.
The second is to use Xiangyun EM bacteria treatment. The method is to dissolve the brown sugar in hot water, and the temperature is reduced to 40 degrees or less, and the EM bacteria is mixed with Xiang Yun EM bacteria to activate the Xiangyun EM flora. After adding water to the desired concentration, stir well, seal in the plastic bag, and place it for 48 hours in the coolness of light. The primary lactation pigs are affected by EM bacteria 5 ml / head or post (yellow sputum), the Xiangyun EM bacteria 20 ml / head can make the incidence have greatly reduced or there is no death. If 20 ml of Xiangyun EM bacteria is incorporated into the feed, the total incidence of the lactal pigs in 3 days is also significantly reduced. It is said that Xiangyun EM bacteria can effectively prevent the early blood of the pig, and no side effects.
2, according to the traditional Western medicine therapy, you will find a diarrhea and then immediately diet for 1-2 days but continue to stop. It should be administered to the whole fossa pig in the treatment, and the two drugs are applied simultaneously. The prescription has the following examples: 1, Ennovia injection 0.5 ml per kilogram (below) 2.5 ml, muscle injection, 1 day; 15 ml of gentamicin injection per kilogram, muscle injection, 1 day 2 times . 2, penicillin sodium per kilogram of 3 international units, streptomycin 15 ml per kilogram, water dissolved in injection, intramuscular injection, 2 times 1 day. 3, sulfadia sodium 20 mg per kilogram, muscle injection, 2 times 1 day; sodium bicarbonate 20 mg / kg, oral, 2 times 1 day. 4, amoxicillin 5 mg / kg, muscle injection, 2 times on the 1st.
3, Chinese medicine therapy. “Wet hot diarrhea” (腥 腥 黄 黄, 黄 腹 腹 腹))))) 散))) 用 用) 用 散 用))))) 黄 用 用 用 用 用. 克 用… “Virtual cold diarrhea” (weak diarrhea, light, light tongue, greasy, cold limbs), use “in addition to cold dysentery”: Bupleurum 100 grams, Guizhi, ginger, alone 50 grams, Atractylodes, 100 grams of tangerine peel, 50 grams of bitter ginseng, 500 grams of pine needle leaves, 5 grams / time. “Sicking and diarrhea” (酸 酸 满 满, 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 鸣 术 术 术 散Fine, 5 grams / time. The above-mentioned prescription drugs are warmly affected, twice a day. CooperationWestern medicine treatment, especially good results.

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