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For livestock respiratory diseases, daily production management is the degree of determining whether there is a respiratory pathogenesis and respiratory disease in the later stage. The mycoplasma passes through the adhesion gas pipe, the bronchial mucosa epidermal cell fiber, which causes the fibrome to clot and falls off, and ultimately the ability of the cilia is lost to remove foreign matter and pathogenic.
At the same time, the mycoplasma can enter the alveolar and is protected by alveolar, which is in this peacekeeping. Once the external environment changes, if the temperature is high, the air temperature, the environmental ammonia and hydrogen sulfide is suddenly exceeding the standard, or the body is cold, the immunity is low, and the other diseases, etc., the respiratory latent mycoplasma will open up, harm Normal physiological activities such as organisms, organs and others. The clinical manifestations of livestock and poultry have a variety of respiratory symptoms, such as snoring, cough, nose, etc.
However, there is no blood vessel in the fiber, no drugs can be reached by the blood, and the mycoplasma of this is killing; at the same time, for the iliacclasum that enters the alveoli, currently useful drugs such as tetracycline, large cyclic ester , Amide alcohol, fluoroquinolone and cefosporin, etc., so many drugs are difficult to enter alveoli, which is also one of the main reasons why mycoplasm is more difficult and easy to recover.
Too Too Sutra as “the smartest antibiotic”, the drug can be gathered in the macrophage cells of the respiratory system, and the dose is present. Among the epithelial cells of livestock respiratory mucosa, there is a large amount of macrophages, which makes the trachea, bronchial mucosa, the meteotomotor can achieve a relatively high drug distribution here, and maintain an effective effect of at least 72 hours or more. Concentration Thus killing and removing the mycoplasma of the respiratory system. This drug targeted distribution characteristics of Mikoto, as well as its superior anti-branch, antibacterial effects, so that it has the advantage of the prevention and control of livestock and poultry respiratory diseases.
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