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Farming view | Is it still not to stay? Recently, some friends of some farmers have said that fur markets are still coming for three or five years. After this fall, they will penetize, do not raise, leave the skin, wait for price! I think that for farmers, this is a worst decision. The result is: Leather leaving price peak shots, or is not properly deteriorated, when the leather price is peak, you have a high price from others! I think: The furry breeding industry is experiencing the development stage of the survival of the fittest. It is a good time to develop a fine population. The price is slow, and it is catching up to the divide! About the fur in the hand, more than three years, according to the finance, have already cleared it, sold all earned, no matter how much money sold, it is stronger than the play, it is a summer! The so-called three-year-old price can’t succeed, I don’t have to set up, I have to know that half a year, I have a good fortune! You can predict that the three or five things, the scorpion, you have long been on the Mercedes-Benz, but also use the whole day? However, there is a little bit of certainty, the truth is slow, your skin is garbage, there is a good population is baby! You regret! Therefore, it is the best time to purify the group, the farm disinfection, waiting for the price rebound, and it can usher in the high price! 640.jpg

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