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The fattening of the lamb is in the flock, the lambs from the milk, except for the good lamb seedlings, and the remaining lambs can make strength fattening. The following:

First, to prevent inferiority, improve quality and easy management, all the public lambs who don’t stay do should be treated, generally public lambs 1 week -2 Weekly castrated, must be completely disinfected, prevent infection and frostbite.
Second, the parasites of drones are harmful, have many kinds, and there are intestinal joints in the sheep body, absence, liver flakes, pulmonary worms, etc., there must be a good deworm before sheep fertilizer, to eliminate The harm of parasite to the sheep.
Third, the loop farmer is so dry, afraid of moist, sheep house should be built in the ritual of the sun, the ward, the lamb will start fattening. Because the lamb skin is thin, it is worse than the sheep cold resistant, so it is best to build a warm, block the cold invasion. The ground should be dry, avoid the humid low, or will cause the lamb rheumatoid, diarrhea, and seriously affect your fattening effect.
Four, there are 4 stomachs like the sheep and the sheep, but the top three stomach digestion in the sheep is not strong, and the fourth stomach of the sheep is rely. Even if you have a few months after weaning, because the digestive system has not fully exercised, it is still not adaptable to crude feed, so it is necessary to feed. Because of the strong stomach digestion, it is only suitable for feeding the fine. Only if you don’t eat crude feed, the lamb digestive path is less, in order to improve the utilization conversion rate of feed. In addition to the lamb ingredients in about 10 months, it can be added to feed some hay.
Five, fattening wool love is clean, the smell is developed, see the food first, the taste is abnormal or trampled, and the sheep is willing to be hungry. Therefore, 饲 饲 进 进 进. 干 干 干 干 饲 饲 饲 饲.. 干 干 干 干 干Sheep, drink water, do not drink sewage, drink water after she feed each time.
1. Dietary requirements First, there is less crude fibers of mixed materials, should be less than 6%, and digestible protein content is not less than 20%. Second, mixing materials should be used for a variety of matching, quality is good, preferably with some animal feed or oil cake. The third is to meet the needs of calcium, phosphorus, trace elements and a variety of vitamins. The lambs of about 10 months, the green hay can be appropriate, and each daily lamb can eat 2 kg -2.5 kg, due to the increase in the rear in the late sheep, but Not too much. Fourth, do not feed metamorphism and frozen feed.
2. Feeding cornians 83%, bean cakes 15%, lime 1.4%, salt 0.5%, trace elements and multiple vitamins Add constant.
3. Ways of sheep: 4 hours each time, fed 4 times a day. Lamb in 15 kg -20 kg, daily feeding is 0.7 kg -0.75 kg, daily increased by 280 grams -300 grams, 1 kg weight per weight, the feed consumption is less than 3 kg, each sheep feed 50 Day, profitable 70 yuan, the benefits are considerable.

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