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Since the autumn, the situation of fat diarrhea in the autumn has occurred, and there is a variety of reasons for causing diarrhea. The author will share it with you on a situation you have exposed.

Specific symptoms are as follows:

The circle of pigs is generally normal, often with two fat pig diarrhea. The sick pig spirit and the product are normal, and the body temperature is slightly high, within 40 degrees. The feces are not formed, porridge yellow, gray dung. There is a digested feed. Sick pig diarrhea is quickly improved in the case of medication, but it will happen after a while. Individual sick pigs quickly improve in the case of unhal, but there is a repeated occurrence.

When considering the reason, the author obviously feels that the sick pig diarrhea has occurred in a fat pig, and it will quickly improve without medication. At the same time, this situation will not have a lot of spread. This happens in the general circle is only two or three. In combination with various circumstances, the author determines that this situation is a diarrhea caused by mold poisoning.


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By inquiry, it is more determined that this happens is due to nutritional diarrhea caused by mold poisoning. It is a normal detoxification phenomenon of pigs. It is more and more of the phenomena that is known to know the phenomenon in the current aquaculture industry.

The various situations caused by mold poisoning are also more and more attention. But mold diarrhea, because of the lower incidence, and very small large groups. It will not cause intuitive economic losses. So it is difficult to causing everyone to pay attention. In addition, it is difficult to determine the occurrence of moldy diarrhea because of some of the misunderstandings of the use of dermal.

In general, the point of determination of mold diarrhea has the following:


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1 The sick pig has a more obvious symptom of mold poisoning. For example, the dome edema, the boar urinary official is swollen, the boar’s nipple is swollen, the skin is rough, pale, and the individual pig eyes are red.

2. Have a long time without the addition of deprimidiary, or adds an experience that does not have a daffodiliary.

3 has the above condition.

4. Feed storage is not standardized, and the tank is not cleared for a long time. It can be determined by the above points to determine the mold.

When the mold is diarrhea, the pig is only in the intestinal detoxification state. At this time, the overall situation of antibiotics to the pig group is not too good. It should be added to use high quality denity. At the same time, add glucose in the feed, and in the use of raw materials in the future, so in order to really solve the mold poisoning, avoid repetition of diarrhea.

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