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Wheat and corn belong to energy feed, and the protein contained in wheat is higher than corn, the energy is similar; but when designing feed formula, people are dominated by corn, very few Some people use wheat; can wheat can replace corn?

The answer is of course affirmation, because before the introduction of China in corn, people are also raising pigs, no corn can also raise pigs; and now there are still some countries to be wheat or barley as the main energy feed. . But wheat replaces corn, it is not directly replaced, but a variety of factors need to be considered.

The first is that corn and wheat nutrients are very different. The protein content of wheat is higher than corn and isometric replacement. It can cause waste of these proteins.

Second, wheat is equipped than corn; wheat skin is harder than corn, if the pulverized particles are large, pigs like to eat; if the grain size is small, the viscosity of wheat is large, pigs don’t like to pick food.
The third is that wheat contains anti-nutritional non-starch polysaccharide (Arabic glycan). Wipylosans are the ingredients of the plant cell wall, while the cell wall is wrapped in starch, which hinders the digestion of the starch on the starch.
From the above analysis, wheat is completely replaced by corn; but if part is replaced, the lack of wheat is not easy to reflect.
If you encounter the following case, you can consider wheat instead of corn; one is the lack of corn supply; the second is that corn quality cannot be guaranteed, such as moldy, the third is that the wheat price is lower than corn.
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