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Corn is the most common energy feed raw material, which is much better than other energy feeds, then what is the advantage of corn?

The first is that the corn production is high, and the quality of production is low. The cost of pig pigs declines; now there are two thousand pounds of corn, there are reports across the country; but other crops such as wheat, rice, sorghum and other crops, it is difficult To do so high yield; even if the higher production potatoes, sweet potato, due to high moisture content, the quality of the dried hair is far below corn.

Second, maize is easy to digest, especially the starch digestion rate in corn, and several other kinds are low. In addition, corn’s taste is good, pigs prefer to eat; and wheat is too hard, sorghum has a smell, and pigs are not like.
However, corn is also a shortcoming feed raw material.
The first is that corn is high in moisture in harvest, and improper storage will have a mold. Because of corn molds, many pig farms have lost losses; moldy corn damage to pigs, not only poisoning, but mildew is destroyed The nutrient composition of corn leads to malnutrition, which will also affect the normal production level of pigs.
The second is that the variation of corn nutrient composition is large, and the different grades of corn nutrients are quite large; this is often ignored by users, and there is a phenomenon that the pig production level is lowered due to the use of inferior corn.
The third is that the difference between new corn and Chen corn is not recognized; corn after harvesting, there is still a long-term lathe process; before it is fully mature, the corn contains considerable ingredient resistance starch, these starchs It can’t be digetered by pigs; we will often see the pig’s food in the production of new corn, but the growth rate of pigs has dropped, that is, the resistant starch is active.
Anything is divided into two, and it is necessary to have inferior quality, and it should also be paid attention to in the use of feed raw materials.
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