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I will go to the winter, I will go to the double eleven. Is your cow eat full?

Some people say: I have raised a bull of the cattle, and I don’t know if I don’t eat it. In fact, many people are on this experience, lost to “experience”, take an example: How much is 300 kilograms of cattle? 2KG? 3 kg? 1% of weight? Not exact! It should be taken from its diet, weight, and expectation! Now introduce you to two concepts:

Daily food: It is whitewashing is our nursing, and all feeds eaten once a day plus the sum of forage. For example, some people feed the cattle 1.2 kg thick materials, 2 kg cornflake, 5 kg white wine, 3 kg of corn straw, then this cow’s diet is 1.2 kg concentrate + 2 kg cornflake +5 kg white wine +3 kg corn straw = 11.2 kg. The problem came out, the other person feeds the same weight, a cattle feeding the cattle 1.2 kg, 1.5 kg cornflake, 8 kg white wine, 2.5 kg of corn straw, the total number of diet is 12.2 kg. Is the second person feed more than the first person, the effect of raising the cattle?

Dry matter: It is to dry the water of these feeds, and the remaining is dry matter. Dry matter is the most basic indicator of feed nutrients.

Next, we also have to calculate the above formula, first we must know the dry matter of various feeds: concentrate 88%, 86% of corn sides, 25% white wine, 90% of corn straw. Then the first person’s dry matter is 1.2 kg concentrate × 88% + 2 kg cornflake × 86% + 5 kg white wine × 25% + 3 kg corn straw × 90% = 6.726 kg. The second person’s diet is 1.2 kg concentrate × 88% + 1.5 kg cornflake × 86% + 8 kg white wine × 25% + 2.5 kg corn straw × 90% = 6.596 kg.
It is clear that the second person’s diet is less than the first person, and the second person must not be the first person.

How can we determine how much the cattle eat? And achieve the maximum benefit?

Tell you the simplest way:Feeding management: In the case of our balanced diet, be sure to ensure that there is 1-3% of the rest of the next feeding, because the cattle is the smartest animal, he will calculate his own The maximum weight loss, as long as it is a balanced diet, he will not take himself bad, but must be a balanced diet, otherwise it may really have problems.
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